Indeed a Brand New Day!!

Ummeedon Waali Dhoop … Sunshine Waali Aasha….

Rone Ki Wajah Kamm Hai….Hansne Ke Bahane Jyada…

Zidd Hai Muskurayenge, Khush Rehne Ka Hai Waada  

Umeed Wali Dhoop.. Sunshine waali Asha….

What a beautiful advertisement  Coke has come up with!! The catchy jingle beautifully contrasts the negatives with the positive happenings around us, leaving us with a choice. The choice of celebrating the ‘happy’ness as against fearing the ’empty’ness!!

The beauty indeed lies in the eyes of the beholder! So what are we gonna see today?

The beautiful happenings, our life is stuffed up with ? or the incomplete and missing stuff ?

We seldom pause in our fast paced lives, to think and observe, if our world really shapes up on its own or it does in a manner we really choose it to.Why do optimistic individuals lead happier lives, look younger than their true age & get over illnesses faster than the ones who love the darker side of life?

There are people who unknowingly prove their luv & loyalty to the darker side by continually thinking about their illness, worrying about how it can ruin their future, investing their powerful thoughts into how their world will be ruined one day! And so be it! Their world indeed gets ruined sooner or later!

Instead.. we start out by appreciating all that we have in our beautiful lives, with a deep sense of gratitude, thanking the giver for all that has been graced on us!

Thanking for all the ability bestowed to us, ability to get over illnesses, to get over all that was not beautiful, to get done with all that was not meant to be & for giving us an opportunity to start afresh with a beautiful life!!

Thanking the almighty for indeed a brand new bright day!! 🙂


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