The MAGIC of Acknowledgement!

I wonder how i survived all these years, without really knowing the intent & meaning behind this long word ‘ACKNOWLEDGEMENT’. I remember faintly,reading this word on the second page of my black book (my Final Year Engg Project). So silly of me- an Engineer awaiting my degree, not knowing what is really meant by Acknowledgement !!

A simple act of  recognising a person – for something that is really wonderful about him/ her & more importantly letting them know about this !! We kinda know it but seldom apply it!

Today, when i sit here reflecting back -after 2 wonderful sessions on the MAGIC word, i am forced to answer for myself -If I received 50 % more acknowledgement than I do today,in the next 5 yrs of my life ,how different would my life be? And i go on to answer- ‘My life definitely will be unimaginable’ !!

And why is that ? ‘Cuz Acknowledgement shifts the focus from “what went wrong” to “What went really well” thus focusing on strengths rather than on weaknesses’

‘With more acknowledgement,I see myself more confident of taking up challenges, thus celebrating my strengths. I see myself feeling happy & confident of all the attempts I make, even though they don’t end up as successes.I trust the potential I have, & my capability to succeed.With more acknowledgement, I see myself as a very beautiful person, who doesn’t find faults with others or within self but seeks to see the beauty & strengths in other people :)’ And it surely feels empowering 🙂

I simply have to make up my mind that instead of picking  faults, IM GONNA SEE WHATS REALLY BEAUTIFUL!! And yes, am gonna tell them whats so beautiful about them!! And it does not make me any less beautiful!!
Because -as rightly quoted in my module- ‘ To be able to acknowledge ourselves or someone else we cannot be needy. Acknowledgement is a very pure form of giving. We can only give if we are well topped up. To acknowledge another person means you have to move beyond yourself and see them only’
Wow!!! Id SO like to acknowledge myelf here- for my courage to share my blog with all of you.And i want to acknowledge & thank each one of you for your patience & time for putting up with me all this while. 🙂  Indeed a gr8 job:)
So friends- When are we playing this magic?After all, a word from us could mean a lot to others ,without us having to pay much!!

4 responses to “The MAGIC of Acknowledgement!

  1. Wow…what a great post! I felt your energy come right out of my computer and into my heart 🙂 I would offer that not only does acknowledgement not take away from your own beauty, it could even add to it! When you spend time looking for the best in the world, you also find it within yourself.

    A great post within a great blog! Thank YOU!

  2. Hi Shraddha,

    Great thoughts and truly inspiring. Indeed acknowledgement can be such a blessing in our lives and can empower us to move out of our comfort zones and attain undreamt of heights.

    May I therefore acknowledge you for this post on Acknwledgement :))

    God Bless.


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