Hey stranger.. since when are you following me?

You know what? There was this stranger who kept following me all the time. And the most unbelievable part of the story is…i never even knew that he did!! For so many years, i was completely unaware, that this stranger was influencing me and my actions, in a manner i cudnt really understand!! One day, i caught him red handed and asked him to just get lost!! I thought he vanished, but it wasnt the case. I tried ignoring him, confronted him, but yet he continued to follow me. Then i guess, i realised, this guy is not gonna leave me n so i decided to befriend him. And you know what, my life completely changed after that!

This stranger- who id never even noticed throughout my life, was you know who? This strange identity that kept following me, was in reality- My Values, that i had kept really close to my heart!! These Values influenced each and every action of mine, knowingly & unknowingly and i wasnt even aware!!!

Everytime i tried my hand at cooking, i would fail big time!! Though, for me, the kitchen was not the most awful part of my house, i still feared getting in there!! Cuz inspite of being so darn good at chopping n grating, i used to goof it up big time when i had to put on the flame, and start the ‘REAL COOKING’. Infact my mom used to help me out by telling me step by step  procedure of how to go about it… Still i never cud manage it..

Imagine, after i got married n came to my present house, i was so very scared to try out my hand at this dreaded “ideal must have” skill. My new mom, made me feel very much at home, and said ” Beta, these are the ingredients that we use in this recipe. You do it the way you feel comfortable” & can you imagine what was the outcum? I cooked really well!!!

Not just once, but many a times after that, i got the confidence that “IM NOT A BAD COOK”..you know what was bad here??

I never knew that ‘Step by Step instructions’ piss me off!! I love creativity & the freedom to make choices!! That was the reason, i would always ruin the dish i used to cook… it used to kill my creativity & the instructions would completely put me off track!!

This was also one reason i never learned driving!! My instructor would give me step by step instructions.. Okay so i had to remember ,now first put the key in, then the gear in neutral or was it the first gear, was i supposed to release the clutch or what…. come on man.. this skill is freakingly insane… leave me alone!!! I dont wanna drive… I am not skilled enough…

But today, ive come to realise, its not me… I am SKILLED!! I am SMART!!  There was sumthing wrong in the question i asked myself.. I always asked “Am i smart? How Smart am I?”

Ive learned sumthing mindblowing here at ICA!! In my very first teleclass I learned the question that  Coaches ask!! They dont ask “How Smart a person is?” They just ask “How is this person Smart?”  cuz they know every person is Smart in ones own way!!

So the better we know our Values, the better it gets for us!! We blame, our poor little skilled souls for something theyre not even aware of!!

Befriend your values folks, cuz they re the special ‘generator backup’ that helps us, when the power is off!! For befriending them, we got to first notice them!! Observe them.. they can change our world beautifully!!

signing off for now!!


3 responses to “Hey stranger.. since when are you following me?

  1. you proved to be intelligent, smart , great8 all compliment , when its your creativity not the instruction to be exactly followed ,Surya Pathak, 🙂

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