And can we have a big round of applause for…..

Any guesses for who? I know, my reader friends must be saying this loud in their heads – Shraddha Trasi has gone crazy!! Reading her blog, il also reach this hall of craze!! Its alright people!! Its not necessary for anyone to agree with me.I write to express and not to impress. And you know what ? I feel very happy when i express what goes on in my head.

Knowing myself, the ‘Shraddha’ ive known for so many years, id never ever, even dream of inviting so many people to come and read my blog. So im gonna applaud myself for being courageous enough to dare n share my blog with so many people! Thats about me!!

What about you? What is that one thing, you wanna so desperately acknowledge yourself for?

Our culture and traditions, stress upon us the importance of being down to earth, having our feet on the ground, developing a sense of humility and never letting success go to our heads and so on. It is important that we always keep ourselves grounded but not at the cost of unallowing ourselves to fly!!

Whats the point im making here?! Are we trying to be the ideal, humble down to earth individual, by – NOT ACKNOWLEDGING our self? Why?

Acknowledging is simply looking at our strengths in the eye!! Is that very tough to do?  Does that mean there’s a gr8 sense of pride sabotaging us badly if we give in n acknowledge ourself?

Come on friends, if we dont acknowledge ourselves, why do we expect people around us to do it for us? We feel hurt if our appraisals dont come up as expected or if we dont get that statement of appreciation coming from one of our friends/ boss/ spouse/ family…and so on!! Now where is our sense of humility? Gone for a full toss?

I always felt bad, when i did something commendable and wasnt given the credit for it!! It wud hit my efficiency and effectiveness very badly for the next week or maybe even the next few weeks!!

Lets pause here for a second- What if i acknowledged myself for the commendable action by celebrating it -in any small way, by doing something i luv to do, like watching sum movie or eating my fav dessert or splurging in sum shopping !! Woww- i dont think it wud have such a negative effect like the former case!

Why should we wait for others to pat on our back? Come on guys!! We can very well do it, n in a much better way!!

Just 2 days back, i was very very impressed by this young star – who had shared with me his blog!! He writes extremely well and what i really appreciated about him was the way he had acknowledged himself thru the title of his blog!!

I really loved the blog title –!!  Wow!! Really awesome!! I felt amazed and i wrote back to him saying i luv the way you have acknowledged yourself!! Really gr8 Chinoy!! Keep up this spirit!!

When was the last time, we did this to ourself? Cant remember!! Chalo koi nahin!! Its never too late to begin!!

So friends!! What r we waiting for!! I invite each one of you to please acknowledge urself for whatever you feel is commendable and worth the celebration!!

And so can we have a big round of applause for…………………………


11 responses to “And can we have a big round of applause for…..

  1. Friends!! I am really hoping to see many acknowledgements in here!! Please dont feel shy to acknowledge urself!! atleast not here!!

    So puhleez, i invite u all to celebrate with me & with many others- your WIN!!


  2. hey!! truely said , i Believed a small acknowledgement can make people work better and increase their efiiciency.. Really lets love ourself first like kareena of” jab we Met”. Proud to ourselfs

    • Hey Ustad Chinoy!!

      3 cheers to you man!!Apart from your awesum written expression, what else do you want to acknowledge urself for?
      I was really hoping il get to see a lot of self appreciation cumin from my readers!!

  3. Hi Shradda! Great post. I’d like to acknowledge myself for finishing my assessment today. I wrote most of it two months ago but somehow I couldn’t make myself finish it. I am now looking for submitting it and getting the feeback. Well done me! 😉

  4. Hey Sharddha,

    This 1 is more auwsome read.
    Truly, ppl never think abt ppl ACKNOWLEDGING themselevs, but always expect and wait to be Acknowledged. In this wait there are times when the Acknowledmnt never comes, nd v r still waitin.
    By reading what you have mentioned makes me feel like thinkin of Acknowledgin myself for tins in the past and hence forth followin d same policy 😉

    Neha Mehta

    • Thanks gal!! I was really hoping…my reader friends would acknowledge themselves here!! I guess we are programmed to be shy to showcase our strengths or celebrate our wins 🙂

      Am glad ure acknowledging urself:) Cheers to u!!


  5. hey mam,
    going thru your blogs, i came across this one and it reminds me of a character ” Barney” from a tele series “How i met….” its indeed important to acknowledge ourself.

    • Hey AV!!

      I watch this show too n enjoyed Barneys charachter, but i guess Ive not watched it enough… Loved the fact that you could connect this to his character!!


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