Just Let Go!!

Few months back, (when i was still employed) i had been with my entire team /department , to an awesome Team building adventure camp. Our whole team had to go thru a series of adventure activities like Kayaking, Rapelling, Wall climbing & River crossing!! It was a gr8 experience & we all enjoyed it!!

I remember, Kayaking was easy, sporting & a lot of fun!! After that, we all moved towards the next activity which was Rapelling! I was dead scared, seeing the sight!! There was a steep wall like surface, which we had to climb down n the only protection was a safety harness!!

I had tried my hand at rapelling previously many years back, and i had failed big time! That incident had a scarring effect on me, cuz that time, i was amongst the 3 people ,out of 30 odd peers of my age, who were unable to complete the activity (read retired hurt with a bruised ego). The memories of that incident, made me feel totally out of place here, when i was once again attempting this activity!

I cant believe myself when i write this!! The only thing that enabled me to take that big step of attempting that activity was the sight of a 8 year old comfortably doing the activity!  Imagine, my bruised ego, got worse, feeling “If that little teeny weeny 8 yr old can do it, why not me?”

I decided, that im gonna be attempting this activity! Many of my teammates were still by the water, finishing their kayaking! I thought good opportunity to try my hand out, when people are out of sight!! In case i fail, only few friends will be witness to it 😉

I took me few minutes to get into the safety gear, and almost 20 minutes to actually get onto the other side of the railing, from where i had to suspend myself onto the safety harness and start climbing down!! My instructor was really patient n dint give up on me even after 20 minutes of ” No..i cant go down.. forget it.. i dont wanna do this activity..”

After, i actually did it, i was feeling very high and happy cuz i hadnt imagined, it was so really easy!! The tough part of this activity was “Letting GO”

I held on to the safety harness while i was at the railing n just dint wanna let go.. n when i did, it was really child’s play!!

That’s Me 🙂 Rapelling

I penned down my thoughts after that adventure trip on our way back n this was the poem i wrote!!


Breath is fast; grip is tight
Heart feels a fear full high
Just a second away is freedom, shy
wanna grab it?? Just let go

Fears anxiously eaves dropping by
Hurts amplified, shouting tears n cry
Negated minds, fatigued with noise
‘Not 4 me’ dammit!!

Beauty awaits, let the curtains slide
Open ur mind to the blissful sight
A new world inviting, it’s arms open wide
Wanna jump in?? Just let go

Full of strength n a fiery stride
U r d creator of ur flight
‘Believe u r’ n u will glide
Wanna fly high?? Just let go



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