Dont Darofy… Simply Karofy… Just Mohabbat!!!

A popular hindi show being aired in India in the late 1990’s had this title track – Dont Darofy …Simply Karofy… Just Mohabbat!! meaning dont fear… simply fall in love!! Though i never really followed the show, the catchy title track cudnt go unnoticed.

Why n how did i suddenly get reminded of this title track? Will come to it in a minute..

Am not really in my best of moods now at this very moment, n penning down my thoughts isnt really a good idea!! But what if it is? May be, blogging is my ‘Pick me up’ n it really is one of those nice things like shopping, that can make me feel better.. without my wallet feeling any lighter 😉 woww !! See, im already feeling quite better 🙂

So coming back to track.. why did i think of this title song.. especially when im not feeling all that gr8.. I remembered the song.. Cuz  my interpretation of these lyrics, although quite different than that of the creative folks of the show, does make some sense! rather a lot of sense, atleast it does to me!!

Why do we feel low sometimes? Why do we give up on our loved ones?  Why do we feel helpless and view ourselves as if we are getting victimised?  Are we really out of control of the situation? or we just like to believe so?

I have found my answers to these questions. Its cuz of FEAR!! What fear?

Fear of not being accepted, fear of being let down by others, fear of not being understood…And what does this fear lead us to?

Fear of not being accepted leads to a feeling that the real me may not be liked by others so we fail to express ourselves completely. Thats still quite alright! we may be able to manage it at times.

Fear of being let down by others makes us wary n doubting. We are unable to trust people around us. Think about it!

Ive been in corporate life for 4 looooong years n the major reason i cudnt really gel well with the people around me was  that i doubted everyone to be politically alligned. I thought people may misuse info shared by me n put me down. My previous job gave me bitter experiences n I never could return to my real self, my true self, the Shraddha that i knew before i onboarded the corporate bandwagon. So the fear of being let down by others doesnt help yet its still kinda manageable!!

But what happens when we fear of not being understood? We start assuming that people around us are incapable of connecting to us , perceiving things from our angle and so… we start living a belief .. a very dangerous belief that no one understands us.. no one cares and so… we start believing that “there is absolutely no point communicating with them”. Think about it!!

Arent there situations, where we avoid communication completely? Maybe with friends, peers,colleagues, bosses,our parents, siblings, spouse, our family members, our loved ones?  A small assumption like this one, ends up creating a huge distance between cherishable bonds, between beautiful relationships. The cause of this huge crater of distance is.. guess what? An unreal fear of not being understood.

So why fear? We all are here for a short while! Just a few units of decades… may be for a few of us, ten decades, thats all!! Where are we heading towards after that? Same place …n the same old routine… fear.. hurt..fear …distance..hurt..period.

So lets shift gears for a while. Dump the fear! Let it happen..

let people not accept me… let them put me down.. let them not understand me… its okay!! I’l still accept them, I’l still unhate them, maybe il still love them, n still communicate..i’l not stop communicating …cuz end of communication is the beginning of a loooooooooooong gap..

Il Not Darofy!! Il Simply Karofy!! Just Mohabbat!!


7 responses to “Dont Darofy… Simply Karofy… Just Mohabbat!!!

  1. Such fears prevent people from living their truth and discovering who they really are. As you say, they are afraid that people will not like them and that they’ll be rejected, so they often pretend to be who they are not and hide. But is it the way to happiness and to inner peace? This is a belief that I had too before I chose to face my fears and and start living my truth. I now blog a lot and share my personal thoughts and insights. I show my authentic self to others and have discovered that I no longer have to protect myself. It has enabled me to connect with fantastic people and to be part of a great community.

  2. After a long time, just thought about a sneak-peak! 🙂 But of course I could relate myself much with this post of yours! Well Written! 🙂

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