The title of this write, does not refer to any movie or type of money ! Simply refers to the colour black 🙂

Am feeling very excited right now:) Few months back, all the tools at seemed quite alien to me! With an  increasing usage of this wonderful medium of expression, im learning a lot of new stuff! Im sure my regular readers would ve observed constant changes that im making to the look n feel of my blog.

“Shraddha Trasi is getting crazier by the day… I see no trace of any idea related to black here… Gal..u need to come to the point” – Excuse me if im reading your mind here 🙂 n bout Black… u’l get to know as you read 😉

So …… since the time, i changed the theme of this blog, i tried every colour as the header text (Header text is the one which reads : ibelivetoday ….. my journey of self discovery & achievement). No colour really worked. After many attempts, very skeptically, i tried the colour Black n woww!! It went really well, in fact, it was the only colour that made an impact!

Now im coming very much to the point! While i was trying out every colour, I never tried the colour Black. Just dunno why?

When u think of this word “BLACK”- what kind of adjectives pop up in your mind?

For me, words like darkness, scary, lonely etc appear when i think of it as a theme but also words like smart, slim, attractive come up when i associate black with clothes! So what then is the colour Black? Is it dark or smart?

Thanks to wikipedia! It says: Black can be defined as the visual impression experienced when no visible light reaches the eye. 

We all know this right? Black is like any other colour in a set of crayon box! Why then do we associate ideas, meanings to this colour? Its just another non living thing (read Colour).. Why then do we personify it?

Simply cuz, we perceive ourselves in the world around us!! It means, we like to see a part of us, in every other thing that we see! Getting heavy? Lemme try it again!

Try to name a person, whom you admire a lot!! Lets call him Mr. A!! Now can you exactly pinpoint what is that thing, bout Mr. A, that you admire a lot?   Now think about this!! The aspects that you really admire, bout Mr. A, arent they closely linked to the aspects that you admire in yourself !!

Similarly, when we criticize others, the aspects that we criticize about them are somewhere closely linked back to us! In criticizing others, we are actually failing to look at them in a manner they exist! We look at them in a manner we exist, n then start drawing conclusions about them!

So coming back to Black 😉 in it,  i see my fear, my inherent fear of the darkness!! In Black, i also see the slimmer me, cuz they say “Wearing black – makes gals look slimmer!!”

Dont really know if its true, but its surely a common perception people have!!

So are Perceptions really true? What do you think?


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