Lets perceive – How we perceive??

And what does this weird title mean? It just means that not everyone perceives in “one particular manner”. Each person has a different way of perceiving things. Let us just look at our self, as a third person and perceive… What is our preference of perception?

If any of my reader friends find me vague, please excuse me as this is the third post of a 5 post series covering my insights on the MYERS BRIGGS TYPE INDICATOR (In short MBTI). This post takes off from where,my last post – Meet the Extraverts & the Introverts!! stopped…

I like to mention to my readers, as Ive used this tool – MBTI many a times, i was very keen to write a few posts about this amazing tool .My request to you all, please treat this as an interesting read rather than an info sharing site. There are many sites sharing technical info about this tool. The only reason im attempting this is to explore my creativity to explain in detail about this tool.

My last post Meet the Extraverts & the Introverts!! was dealing with the first dichotomy or pair of preference in MBTI- Extraversion (E Type) Vs. Intraversion (I Type) which dealt with the flow of energy in people.

This post deals with the second dichotomy or pair of preference- Sensing (S Type) Vs. iNtuition (N Type).

The word Intuition here, has a different context, and is very much different from the word which means sixth sense or a gut feeling. So, a person coming under a N Type, will not necessarily have a good sixth sense or an intuitive feeling. The word Intuition describes the manner in which people perceive, and we are just coming to it in a while.

One may ask, why is Intuition = N type. Simply to avoid confusion of being referred to the I in introversion, this type is named after the second letter and is spelled as iNtuition and is referred to as the N type.

How are the Sensing and iNtuition types really different? Let me explain with a short exercise. I’m sure all my reader friends have been to a beach or seen one in movies. If i ask you to imagine a beach view, what will come to your mind?

What do you see?

The picture above, is a google searched image of a beach!! And when you look at it, what exactly comes to your mind? Can you pen down and describe in a few words, the beach view?

If the picture is not visible, no worries!! Just imagine any beach side view and think.. which words come to your mind?

There will be some of you, who will say, blue water, the brown sands, sunny weather, and stuff that you can actually see in this picture!!

There will be some others who will say, a perfect get away, a beautiful holiday, may be an awesome honeymoon place,or something like that which is not really seen in the picture, but the person perceives the picture to be it..

So the S type people, prefer to perceive in the first manner, looking for details using their five senses. They will use words like blue water, cuz they can see the blueness or the sunny weather cuz they can see the sun shining.. They like to gather information in the form of concrete data which can be sensed by their senses.

The N type, on the other hand, perceive in the second manner! They like to see the world in a more abstract manner. They tend to extract some abstract meaning out of the things they see. They like to gather information in the form of abstract ideas rather than concrete data.

Let me give another example. A simple activity say cooking  may be perceived by a “S type” as a series of steps done in a typical fashion so as to get the desired result of “A yummy dish”.. or Cooking may be perceived by a ‘N type’ as an activity by which one can feed the poor….

Are you able to see how differently the 2 types perceive?

Your opinion about the beach view may not be the same. Just try to observe the manner in which you perceive.. Is it more fact based, got to do with the 5 senses, more logical and can be sensed? or is it more abstract, far away from facts, more tilting towards ideas and concepts rather than facts?

Lets see how, knowing about these 2 types can help us!!

As S type persons, prefer more facts, more of sensing, they have an eye for detail. They are more realistic and practical as they view the external world just as it appears to the 5 senses. They prefer to live in the present and are close to reality as against imaginary ideas about the future.

They prefer working around a set of instructions and like to take one step at a time, starting from the very beginning. So if you give a book to a S type person, he will not feel satisfied, unless he reads each word & each page, in the book.

With N type persons being more interested in the big ideas surrounding the facts, they dislike details. They get excited with an idea and knowing the minute details does not interest them. They prefer to live in the imaginary possibilities that the future holds for them.

As they like abstract ideas, they often miss the details.  and the instructions can actually get them off track. They like to start from any point, not necessarily the beginning and they may not even follow the steps.  Creating and inventing new stuff excites them rather than following the regular steps. If you give them a book, they may read few pages of each chapter and may hand you the book in a day or two. They can easily connect the dots between the few pages from each chapter that they’ve read and they will be able to know the gist of the book from all that they’ve read ..

To a S type- a N type, may appear as lacking an eye for detail, disobeying or not following instructions, always away from reality and living in dreams..

To a N type- a S type may appear as lacking the ‘macro view’, not thinking different, change resistant…

I know, now as i guessed, you all will be thinking which is the better type!! I wanna be the better type!! But hey guys, there’s no such ideal measurement .. we just need to figure out our ideal fit..

If a ‘I type’ person is given a sales profile, where he needs to have many interactions with people, meet new people and sell his business, he may do it very well, but he may feel very uncomfortable doing so much of talking…

Similarly, if a ‘E type’ person is given a research & development profile, where he has to sit in isolation and conduct research, statistical analysis and so on, he may do a good job, but he will need regular breaks where he can chat with people, interact with them so as to energize himself..

Now imagine, if a ‘N type’ person is given a detail oriented profile like contracts management, or claims management or accounts, he may do his work well, at the same time ,feeling suffocated with so many details around.. Similarly, if a ‘S type’ is given the profile of an ad maker,though he will do a gr8 job,  he will feel uneasy dealing with abstract ideas…

So finally, it’s all about knowing our measurements & finding the ideal fit..Hope the last 2 posts have been helpful for you in identifying your type..

More about the other 2 dichotomies, in the coming posts..

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