My very powerful friend :)

I have a very powerful friend who comes to my rescue when I feel utterly stressed, when I feel very angry, when Im feeling blue, also when I am feeling very happy and high, when I am.. may be feeling dull and lethargic and at many such interesting times..

You will not believe me if I share with you who this magician friend of mine is? If you think its my Hubby, Yesssss he too is my magician friend who fits this criteria completely well 🙂 ( Hope ure reading this post hubby 😉 ) But Im referring to another friend here..

This magician friend of mine, who is very very powerful is “MR. LISTENING”.. Not clear.. I’l happily explain..

Can you recollect how you felt, when u were under tremendous stress? Dint you quite feel like a pressure cooker, ready to blow out hot steam…How did you feel when you actually shared with someone, the reason behind your stress? How did you feel when you simply expressed your thoughts out loud to a friend?

Yeah…Dint you feel the steam getting kicked out of the pressure cooker? Dint you feel better? Be it whichever friend you shared your thoughts with, the very process of sharing, the very idea that you were being heard, that someone was actually listening to you, dint it make you feel better?

See, you too have a powerful friend!! Mr. LISTENING is this powerful friend, which we all have and we all use too.. We may not know about it, but we do use it!! Why do you think Consumer forums came into existence? Cuz consumers, want to be heard.. If theyre unhappy with any product or service, may be they dont expect the service to be completely exchanged or they dont expect their money back ( sometimes they do 😉 ), but the least they expect is their very right of being heard…

So, its very common that we all want to be heard, and at such times, doesn’t our powerful friend “Mr. Listening” come into picture… Its really magical.. The feeling that someone is listening to you!!

Woww!! Someone who cares, is actually listening to me!! The very feeling has so much power in it!!

This very magical concept of POWERFUL LISTENING, is used by Coaches :)… Coaches…like Ive stated previously… dont advise.. they dont give you a step by step formula of how to go about things.. What they actually do, is they try and bring this powerful friend into play.. Powerful Listening !!!

They listen to what the coachee is saying, they listen to what he is not saying, they listen to how he is saying, and they listen to how he feels when he is not saying & so on.. The Coach’s role, is to listen & help the coachee express himself completely..

A Coach first and foremost, has to be trust worthy!! & once that he is, a coachee actually feels safe, sharing with the Coach, stuff that’s exciting, stuff thats not so exciting, stuff that seems scary, and all such stuff that portrays different shades in the minds of the coachee!!

And the Coach does what?? He simply listens.. Listens with his judgement switch turned completely off..You will never hear a coach, passing remarks on what you’ve shared!! Cuz the Coach’s job is to help the Coachee listen to his own voice..So a coach para phrases what you’ve shared, just to be sure that he has heard you correctly!

Its not his job to decide and judge what you shared was right or wrong!! Its not his job to throw solutions at you, cuz why would you follow any solutions thrown at you!! Isnt this happening with us even now?? Every now and then, we have people throwing solutions at us.. Do we execute them?

So many of us struggle to lead a healthy life, we struggle to exercise, we struggle to stay fit, we struggle to lose weight!! Dont we know the solutions? Google uncle helps us out every now and then!! Solutions are readily available , yet we dont like to execute or use these solutions.. WHY???

And this is exactly why a Coach will not throw solutions at you!! Cuz unless the coachee gives out his own solution, he will not use it!! It has to come out of himself..

So the Coach listens….makes the coachee reflect.. and helps the coachee find out his own solutions & then supports the coachee to execute the solution as well!!

And all this….thanks to our powerful friend sitting here- Mr. Listening!!

I wanna thank Mr. Listening wholeheartedly cuz he’s made me feel better so many times in my life:)

Also I wanna give a big giant thanks to both my Coaches who have been listening to me all these weeks, a bigger giant thanks to all my family members who are always there ready to listen n are so very supportive of me, n my friends who always lend me a listening ear &……

a very very huge giant teddy bear thanks to my Hubby who has always been my magician friend, listening to me with his judgement switch always off… he has helped me make some of the toughest decisions of my life & he has been my strong pillar of support 🙂 n I really admire him for every aspect of his, but much more – his listening :))

n I really believe, behind every successful man, there may be a lady …

but behind every successful woman…(in my case.. a ‘soon gonna be successful’ woman), theres a big beautiful family who is listening 🙂 🙂 🙂


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