It’s your life- make it your way!

Written on: 9th jan 08

Did you ever feel like knowing what is behind those beautiful hills?

Did you ever figure out, whats there in you which the mirror misses?


The sun always stood so obvious,shining so bright

but did you ever bother to appreciate the ever-changing moon light?


Listening to music? Who does not!

but did you ever hear nature talk?


Conversations with nature are no more special,

have you ever listened to the silence, unstopped?


The rainbow always seemed so enticing

Did you notice the dark clouds?


While the flowers in the bouquet stole all the attention,

the poor green fillers were jus a crowd


The beautiful shades of brown N the unending strips of blue

Made the sunset a memorable view


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder that’s what they say,

n true it is, Else the setting sun Would not have so many spectators, all its way!


As usual the obvious is observed

N the subtle is always ignored


All praises 4 the destinations unique

Does anyone even remember the rough and the rugged roads?


If you wish to fade out then carry on hey gal,

If NO comes your answer, then take a vow right now


The back drop wont go unnoticed,the chorus wont blur away

The twinkling stars will grab the eyes,even on a bright full moon day.


Are u scared dear gal 2 march across this unconventional way

Jus pull your heart n touch your soul N you’l hear them loudly say


Tat all means lead to one The invisible almighty great

Jus listen to your own truth N make your life your way!!

11 responses to “It’s your life- make it your way!

  1. the best part about your writing is the reflections of life glittering in those words ! you don’t try to be poetic but just flow with your expressions !
    Keep being pure !
    Happy Blogging !

    • Thanks for all those kind words..They mean a lot & the encouragement really helps.. Thanks so much Prashant!!
      Thanks for taking time to read my favourite poem 🙂

      Have a very very happy time Blogging 😉

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