The Kinetic Energy of Action!!!

Wowww!!! Awesome!!! Too beautiful!! Have you ever been around a dam, when the water has been released?? Ive been there…All I remember, was that I was too young to remember how old I was then, but what I distinctly remember is the mind blowing energy!!

The splash of water could be felt, in the form of water sprinkles & the environment felt HIGH!! Some kind of positive vibes n high energy around the space, where the potential energy of water was getting converted into Kinetic energy!! Woww That was just too awesome!!

I felt this way today!! For the very first time in my life 🙂 I felt just as energetic as the forceful waters, released after being stored for a long time 🙂

I don’t know if I can express this any better, but today was one of the most beautiful days of my life!!

2 weeks back, my Coach Shakti Ghosal, very gracefully and easily pulled me out of my comfort zone …and that coaching session was a breakthrough session for me. Cuz after that session, I actually looked at my Coaching Practice in the eye, and gave serious thought to it.

It was in this coaching session, that I could hear myself n look at myself, beautifully avoiding a career Ive longed to be into!! Externally, all my actions were into Coaching, and I was fooling myself that Im focused towards it… In reality, all I was doing was pushing the target date ahead. And in this coaching session, my awesome coach- Shakti, made me come to this awareness that graduating from the course was something I would do easily, but what next?? How would I feel if I was a certified professional coach, yet had no idea of what to do next?

And that coaching session, turned on the switch for me!! It was as if my goal was just waiting to be looked in the eye!! The minute, I admitted to Shakti, “YES!!  I have been putting off many things that I need to plan, for my Coaching career to take off!”, I could focus all my energy into it.

After the session, I promised my Coach Id make a list of all the items I need to achieve before I reach my huge goal..And it took me less than few minutes to make an exhaustive ‘to do list’.. And since the time I made the list, I can feel my energy into it..

Coming to 18th May 2012, Yes its one of the most beautiful days of my life.. WHY??

~ Its a day when I kick started my insurance business & today, I opened a new chapter of my life as an Insurance Advisor 🙂

~ Its a day when by the grace of god, a beautiful opportunity opened up for me, in my Coaching world and this could be the beginning of a long n beautiful  journey in my Coaching chapter

~ Its a day when I found my support system to help me market my Coaching services n now I can see light at the end of the tunnel..

The 3 most beautiful wins of my journey so far!! And all I did was just gave each of my ‘to do items’ a serious thought and started gaining clarity as to how I would go about them..and within no time, Im seeing how my energy is moving towards my huge goal thus, making others’ energies also move towards it 🙂

My session today with Shakti, has so far been the best session ( I dunno if you will agree with me Shakti ;)) with me feeling totally awesome n energized and motivated ..

I can very much feel the high in the Kinetic Energy as compared to the dullness of the potential energy!! Potential is unused power which means its as good as having no power!! So living a life full of potential is as good as living a life of no potential!! The power of potential comes into picture only when we actually convert it into action & I thank you Shakti for getting me into ACTION!!

I pray to god, to continue to shower his grace on me, so that I continue to retain this HIGH ENERGY …And im looking forward to using the magic of inner intent daily to help achieve more out of my life 🙂

Wanna dedicate all my 3 wins to you Shakti 🙂 Hats off to you Coach!!

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