Have you tasted SUCCESS lately?

What does Success mean to you?

Have you tasted SUCCESS lately?

And if I think, one can answer this question in a simple YES or NO, then, for sure I’m mistaken!!

In this competitive or modern world, we often see everyone running their own race. It’s great to be running!! It’s a beautiful evidence that we exist competitively and are geared up to face the challenges that are being thrown at us in this ever-changing world…

But have we really given it a thought as to where is this eventually going to stop? Is it thoughtless running?  Or a process of reaching some destination?

Is this final destination, any random stop, that our running lands us into, when we finally give up or are we really thinking about where we are heading towards???

So while focusing on this beautiful and powerful question – “Have you tasted Success lately?” , am sure our attention naturally flows to another powerful question which is “What really does Success mean to me?”

Is success linked to having an enormously long, 8, 9 or 10 digit figure as bank balance? Or is success defining for us the way we want to spend our life – in peace, harmony, having a beautiful family, beautiful relationships?

Or does success mean getting that extra footage of being in spotlight and having our name, flashing in newspapers, media and stuff like that? Or may be it is the status and lifestyle of having an envious villa, a royal carriage (read loooooong cars) or simply loads of stuff to brag about?

Is it simply feeling AWESOME about the countless events in our life that moisten our eyes while leaving a broad smile on our faces, or is it the 4 digit figure denoting the number of virtual friends and connections we have? Is success all about dedicating our life to a noble cause close to our hearts?

Or is success simply about setting ourselves free of all the limiting, self-imposed constraints that we have tied ourselves to??

What does Success smell like? What kind of beautiful picture comes to mind while visualizing SUCCESS ? With whom can this success be shared and celebrated with?

Is Success a destination, or a never-ending journey of constant learning and growth?

We often hear people using this 7 letter word containing 2 vowels, 2 ‘C’s and 3 ‘S’s so generally!!! And is it the overrated meaning of this word that is actually making us run away from it?

What really is Success?

For a 1-year-old, his first tiny step to independence? For a 5 or 6-year-old, his first solo journey on his bicycle? For a teenager, his very first share of self earned pocket-money? For a graduate, is it that energetic hat toss?

What else? What does Success mean to you?

Have we got so serious that we have stopped celebrating the success of catching fish in the hope of catching a much bigger one?

It’s never too late in life, till our last breath!!

And we are very much alive and ticking…So now I take the pleasure of asking my friends here, with a hope that they will celebrate their success with me…



4 responses to “Have you tasted SUCCESS lately?

    • Hey Adrian!!

      thanks for dropping by.. I loved your post n I surely believe success is very much a journey n its more about living life your way 🙂


  1. Shradda,

    What a great post! It really got me thinking about what success means to me. I believe I taste success everyday. It has a lot to do with what you mentioned about being able to recognize and celebrate successes, no matter how “small” they might seem. When I am true to myself, connecting with people who share my values, and in alignment with my belief systems, I feel successful and I celebrate the life that I have created for myself with my own actions.

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