Amazing Marvelous Coaches chill out at CHILL ZONE!!

Chill Zone, 21st May 2012

And what better place to launch the very first meet of the Association of Mumbai Coaches aka AMC at none other than the chilled out ‘Chill Zone’.  The Chill Zone, was the perfect venue for the launch of the association of the amazing and marvelous coaches of Mumbai. Wondering why?

Coaches create a relationship of openness and trust with their clients, they act as a sounding board for creative ideas, they relieve the clients of stress by a simple yet powerful tool of Listening, they are so non judgmental yet ask powerful questions.What’s more… is they celebrate the culture of being fully present to the client’s needs and agendas.

This Chill Zone, does completely that and shares this positive vibe that Coaches have and that’s what makes the venue just as special as the event!!

The Chill Zone is actually located in the basement of one of the ‘Cant Miss’ office buildings in Mumbai. Gives a feeling completely synonymous to its name n really encourages its employees to chill out in their breaks. The Chill Zone is so elegant yet vibrant, it’s so spacious yet gives a very warm and cozy feel, completely promotes openness!!

A Just Head – hanging there to officially welcome you into the CZ!!

As soon as you enter into the Chill Zone, you just cant miss the Just Head!! And if you closely observe this guy, you’ll know why he is smiling ear to ear 🙂 Cuz he has many coins stuck to his head 🙂 He is after all quite a magnetic personality.. the coins jump out of your pockets right onto his head 😉

A cool place 4 a team meet or a small team celebration 🙂

And if you’re wondering, what is that blue little structure to the left side in the pic? The one that’s surrounded by two multicolored bean bags, let me tell you, it’s a cozy blue reading dome, that’s what Id like to call it. It’s so welcoming!! I’m not an avid reader yet, the cozy little place seems irresistible ..

To book or not to book?

The place looks so inviting, especially with enough space for a pool table, a TT table, a foosball table and a royal chessboard placed on another table.. Wow!! I loved the idea of converting an office basement into this cool area for employees to hang out during their breaks 🙂

It mustn’t be such a big deal for employees working in the IT / ITES sector as they’re used to having such creative n vibrant offices, but for me, it was a real treat being at Chill Zone… The creativity and design were something that immediately struck a chord with me!!

And what was even more amazing? The Tagore hall inside CZ was the meeting place for all the beautiful coaches of Mumbai!! CZ witnessed the energetic inauguration & the launch of this association!! The association that serves as a learning and sharing platform for all the member coaches.

The Amazing & Marvelous Coaches of Mumbai 🙂

Way to Go AMC!!

Thanks a ton Arvind, for offering the beautiful, cool, vibrant, awesome……I can go on here…amazing venue, Chill Zone & thanks for being such a gr8 host!! Thanks a lot Sunita for envisioning this beautiful and meaningful endeavour & many thanks to you, Prem for facilitating the inaugural session!!

As the youngest member of AMC, would love to thank each and every Coach present, as it means a lot for me, to be a part of such an experienced group of Coaches!!

3 Cheers for all the amazing coaches 🙂

Passion Coach- Shraddha, reporting for

And if you’re still reading there’s something really interesting here!! A Pic that’s an eye catcher!! Couldn’t stop myself from adding this pic so unofficially placing it after the post..

Don’t Worry!! Be Showery 🙂

Signing off folks!!


2 responses to “Amazing Marvelous Coaches chill out at CHILL ZONE!!

  1. Wow! Shraddha this is an amazing presentation of my brain child AMC. You have really captured the essence of it all…thanks

    • Thanks Sunita!!

      Purposely left the discussion aspect of our meeting aside as its an ongoing process for us, at the same time wanted to celebrate the event as its a milestone in itself.
      Glad you liked it 🙂


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