What’s so gr8 about birthdays?

What makes your Birthday so special for you?

Why do we celebrate them? What does this so-called special day imply?

Physically, we have aged by one more year :(!! And with age, comes the ability to love stability.

Celebrating birthdays as kids meant, excitement of opening so many gifts, looking forward to partying with friends, looking special, being everyone’s (especially mom’s) center of attention. I love that time especially cuz mom would ask me, what kind (read shape) of cake I wished and she would make that one..& I remember for one of my birthdays I had requested for a Minnie Mouse Cake and she had made that one for me.. A cake resembling the face of Minnie Mouse!! Wow I remember that birthday especially cuz of the cake.

As children, we used to learn each day! New subjects every year, some language or some kind of art, craft , sport or whatever!! But with time (read age), our partying nature subsides and we tend to take life more seriously! As we grow up, our eagerness to learn new stuff vanishes in thin air and we prefer to hold on to whatever we have learnt. We start loving stability (read snail slow progress) rather than learning, growing, trying out new stuff, experimenting, and so on!

I hardly can remember any of my post college birthdays where I’ve decided, I’ll learn something new, some thing that I’ve not mastered & I don’t remember giving myself a 1 year target to master that new thing. Till College, the process of learning, having fun, focusing on strengths & interests, experimenting, taking risks (attempting exams unprepared is very much a risk.. lol) was existent … Work changes life considerably!!  Rather than work, I guess it’s the scary 3 letter word that rhymes with Bob 😉

When we are working, we say we gain experience! & what really is experience? Going through rough patches in life & knowing what could be the best way to deal with it? So every birthday means gaining experience?

So after 28 birthdays so far, can I really say, I have 28 years of life experience & every year it is this experience that I’m celebrating? Nah.. Not really. Then what really makes my birthday special? Let me think..

Gratitude occupies major space in my birthday basket of expressions ! I don’t know why this feeling of gratitude does not come very frequently (it comes few times in a week)  yet I’ve sensed it peaking on this special day!

Thanking the giver for all that he has showered in the form of abilities, potential, in the form of loving and beautiful people around…whom we call family, in the form of opportunities to meet new people, opportunities to help, opportunities to grow and so many more opportunities, gratitude towards the giver’s constant grace in my life 🙂

Other than that, hmmm what makes this day special? It’s a day, when everyone around me expresses their blessings, their love, and it feels gr8 to see so many beautiful individuals remembering me on my birthday & calling or sending birthday wishes:)

So till now its being a gratitude day &  a day of receiving love!! What more??

OMG!! There’s nothing more special to my birthday other than these 2 things.. Whats wrong with me.. Let me think..

Hmm..Its okay if till now there’s been nothing more special.. From now on there will be..So what will it be?

I wanna create a collage that summarizes for me all the beautiful moments in the last year! If not a collage, at least a list.. Also, list of stuff that didn’t work for me, that went terribly wrong, stuff that I regret getting done, stuff that I couldn’t do to the best of my ability, so that this list reminds me of my so-called experience and allows me to be more thoughtful before I take up something new..

Also, I wanna make sure, I change something about myself! It could be the way I wake up, the way I listen, the way I spend my time, the way I get angry (don’t think I can change to not getting angry.. lol) .. anything but it has better got to be with something I wanna change about myself..

Also, I wanna learn something new! It’s not that I’m not learning at other times.. But for the record, something that Ive learnt, mastered or tried (something that I’ve never tried before) that makes me feel like I did something unusual.. Something to include ..in my list of beautiful things that happened in the last year 😉

Also, I would like to give up something I’ve not liked about myself, at least work towards giving it up!!

What would I like to give up this year? hmmm my laziness!! I like to do things in a smart way, (rather in a less energy-consuming way) and sometimes I give up on things that appear tedious, or very energy-consuming like cooking a new, exotic, (tedious lol) dish aka dish made out of  tons of instructions. So I’d like consciously give up my laziness and I have exactly few days short of 4 months at hand to do so..

Also, Id like to take up all my writing commitments that I’ve made yet not attempted cuz I’m lazy to write something that’s not flowing off from my head.. I’ll finish all the promises I’ve made in the ‘Coming soon’ page 😉 & I promise to make no more new promises ..cuz Ive realised I write best when I’m spontaneous (best in terms of how satisfied I feel after posting  my write..and not in terms of how my reader friends feel ..lol)

I was so desperate to write about ‘Why birthdays are special?’ few days back and I ended up writing on CHANGE..

Today is my Husband’s birthday and while I tried ways to make it special for him, I ended up writing on what makes my Birthday so special.. Hmmm I love spontaneity 🙂

How would you make your birthday special?

6 responses to “What’s so gr8 about birthdays?

  1. Hi Shraddha!

    I love the ways that you are going to start making birthdays special again! Especially the gratitude list, such a wonderful way to bring to focus all that makes every day of our lives special 🙂 Thank you for sharing!!


  2. HI Shraddha

    It was a pleasure to read this
    I recalled all my chidhood days.
    Especially that mom’s part was nice.

    keep writing….:)

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