Titled as UNTITLED


If you can’t name it, Just Let it be: UNTITLED 🙂

You name this post what ever you wish to! I’ve named it UNTITLED 🙂

What’s it about? You can see whatever you wish to see in it! It’s all about something UNTITLED 🙂

It’s about all those little things that sum up to become a part of something UNTITLED 🙂

A rainy day, colourful umbrellas all over, grabbing  a hot cup of tea at a small roadside tea stall, missing your regular train, hurrying to catch up on time, staining your trousers thanks to the rains & the poor roads, end up bunking work..

Any reaction ? – UNTITLED

A beautiful vacation plan, amazing flight, sunny view outside, perfect landing, report missing luggage, lose a lot of time, end up losing enthusiasm..

Vacation’s over? – Untitled

New Job, first day, looking great, nice boss, good team, perfect food, meet the client, quite alright, welcome to the rut, lost hope..

Given up on this job? – UNTITLED

Love at first sight, asking out, going around, angry parents, rebellious pair, eloping away, parents agreeing, happily lived ever after, few years, arguments, can’t stand each other, parting ways..

Ending up in Divorce? – Untitled

Single mother, useless husband, difficult times, making ends meet, working hard, no time with kid, no vacations, kicking him out, signs of freedom, found new love, family life for kid..

Happy ending? – Untitled

Times change, situations change, people change, emotions change, habits change, attitudes change, behaviours change, lives change,destinies change,

What doesn’t change? – Untitled

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