Mr. Organised or Mr. Spontaneous?

Hi Friends,

I had started the series on MBTI, more than few weeks back & today is that opportune day when I’ve decided to finally finish off undone work.

For those, who have just dived into this page, this is the 5th post aka last post of the 5 post series on MBTI!

MBTI is the Myers Briggs Type Instrument which helps to know oneself better. In a series of 5 posts, I’ve tried my best to express in my own style, how this type instrument can be used to create self-awareness and by reading the 5 posts one after another, one may easily be able to find out their preferences, thus getting to know more about themselves and also others!

The very first post – Knowing our measurements using a beautiful tool- the MBTI was an introductory one, followed by the second post – Meet the Extraverts & the Introverts, that describes the dichotomy Extraversion Vs. Introversion. The third post – Let’s perceive, How we perceive,describes our preference towards how we perceive the world, through our senses or in a more holistic n whole view. The fourth post- Who rules you? Your Head or your Heart, describes our preference of  decision-making.

And this post is the last post of the series. The fourth dichotomy or pair of preference deals with the preference towards the Judgement function or Perception function.

Like I mentioned, Sensing (S) & iNtuition (N) represent the perception function that describe how we perceive,

where as Feeling (F) & Thinking (T) represent the judgement function that describe how we decide and arrive at decisions.

The fourth pair of preference, is choosing between the perception & judgement function. These are 2 terms used in MBTI, and a person choosing the perception function may not necessarily be a great perceiver or who perceives really well. At the same time, person choosing the judgement function may not necessarily be a great judge or a person who can judge people well.

To simplify, let me give an example! Imagine one had to plan one’s vacation! If the person prefers Judgement function, he will prefer taking decisions and closing open ends like, deciding on the vacation spot, booking the tickets few days prior to the travel dates, zeroing down on the hotel, freezing the activities to be done on each of the days, etc

Which means, a person preferring the judgement function, likes to be organised, likes to follow a schedule, likes to have everything planned much before time. A Judgement type person, hates to keep matters hanging in time and prefers to bring decisions to a close by choosing one of the options.

In contrast, a person preferring the perception function, loves to be spontaneous. He may like to keep his options open about which hotel to choose, right un till the time he arrives into the destination spot. He may not book his tickets till the last-minute, may be he likes to pack his stuff, a day before his travel, for the simple reason, he likes to live for that moment.

He feels, selecting a hotel and freezing the decision, actually closes the opportunity to make the stay better. He may like to keep looking at various hotels, and may not book even one. He may do so only a day prior to his travel date & feel good about it.

Now imagine, a person preferring perception (who loves being spontaneous) is working as a project manager, what would the situation look like? He will feel terribly stressed as this person hates to close or zero in on any of the options. If he continues being spontaneous, the project may be in danger. It’s a must that the project manager be a gr8 planner.

Similarly, imagine a person preferring judgement (who loves being organised) is working as an event manager, what would he feel? He will feel out-of-place!! He loves to close or zero in on options but in event management, closing or freezing options does not help as sometimes the situation may change, and keeping all options open till the last-minute always helps.

I’ve had the opportunity to manage events, programs when I was working! I used to love the high tension environment, simply because I would keep options open till the last-minute. Everything is so volatile, the schedule of the event changes, the guest list keeps changing, the seating arrangement may not be done as expected. In cases when the seating arrangement is perfect, the number of guests will suddenly increase or decrease leading to making a change in the seating. A person who loves to be organised will feel totally suffocated in such situations, cuz being spontaneous is the need for an event manager!

So the person is not wrong. It’s the unsuitable job that he does. The minute he changes his job and finds one that is compatible to his type, he starts feeling good and in sync.

Being unaware of one’s n others’ types and characteristics also leads to conflicts. A (P) type husband, may not like to plan the vacation activities simply because he feels, there may be other things worth doing at the destination spot, that may be missed out, if he freezes the plan. So he likes to actually reach the vacation spot, take a look at what ever is happening and then decide.

At the same time, if his wife is of the (J) type, she may think that her husband is not planning the vacation because he is uninterested. She may feel that his lack of interest is causing him to leave things for the last-minute when the case is exactly reverse.

So it’s always best to know one’s type and also know the type of our loved ones. In this way, we can exactly see why they choose to behave in a particular way and this leads to no misunderstandings.

I am an ENFP & i know the types of each one in my family. It really helps to make matters easy as one knows why things happen in this way n not in that way!!

So friends, WHAT’s YOUR TYPE?

P.S: The 5 post series is presented to create among readers, keenness to know about their MBTI type, and simply reading the 5 posts may or may not be enough to know of one’s type. 🙂 

6 responses to “Mr. Organised or Mr. Spontaneous?

  1. was waiting for this .. finally i know my type.. ESFJ. Though I’m still confused on the last type because I feel I’m both sometimes. Thanks Shraddha for sharing this theory. Really helps understand people, not just at home and friends but workplace too! 🙂

  2. Thanks Mam, im ESTJ
    Sharing this post with my other friends, it would be of some help for them.

    keep writing, keep sharing 🙂

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