The Best Person who can help me out of trouble???

Have you ever thought of asking yourself this question? If you ever have asked it, have you thought about the answer? And if you ever answered it, was the answer anywhere close to – ‘No doubt its ME’.

The ‘Me’ here does not refer to the person writing this post (that’s me) but refers to the person currently reading it (that’s you)

It’s quite natural that when we feel stuck, when we feel we’re in trouble, when we feel we need a solution, we often look for help outside. We look for a miracle to happen, or we wait for some divine soul to appear in our life who will tell us the solution. Sometimes we also try discussing our problems with friends, colleagues or whoever we see around us hoping to get some help. Nothing wrong with it!

Have you ever thought that YOU could be the best person to pull yourself out of trouble? And why is that? Cuz there is no one (other than the almighty) who knows the problem better than YOU, there’s no one who knows what is that stuff around the problem that’s bugging YOU! So when YOU are the best person to know & understand the problem, aren’t YOU also the best person to analyse and figure an awesome way out of it?

Isn’t this the reason why they say – God Helps Those Who Help Themselves!!

Sometimes what works for others may not work for us! We may have a different way of dealing with the problem & when we follow other’s suggestions or advice, it may actually even backfire.

So what to do then? Lets dive deep into ourselves. Lets just start getting aware about stuff that we like, stuff that we don’t like, stuff that we love doing, stuff that we absolutely hate from the bottom of our socks 🙂

Lets start getting present to ourselves. What happens when we are angry? Do we look good? Does it show on our face? Do other people find it weird when I shut myself up when I’m angry? Do they tend to misunderstand me cuz my expression of anger is different from theirs?

Being present to ourselves is just taking a minute off and noticing ourselves. Do we often work our way around being fully engaged in thoughts? Thoughts about what’s wrong with my health? or What did that friend mean when she actually said blah blah blah? or Why am I looking so old? Can people tell my age? Do i look happy? Am I really Happy? Why am I not happy?

OMG!! So many thoughts being processed at one time!! Are we driving or are we thinking? We don’t know if we added salt to the dish, we don’t know if we washed our face, if we did, we don’t know if we used soap or we used face wash. Did I shampoo once or twice? Did I turn off the burner flame?  What are we doing?

Lets get present to ourselves! Lets ask ourselves, what do we love most? What is that in my life, that claims to make it ‘MY LIFE’. What is a ‘MUST HAVE’ in my life? If a ‘MUST HAVE’  finds no time in my life, is it okay?

If you hear a big NO, then its time to dive deep inside! And when we do so, I’m sure one will ask the question – “The Best Person who can help me out of trouble???” & also answer it – It surely is MEEEEEEEE!


6 responses to “The Best Person who can help me out of trouble???

  1. Life would give you opportunities after opportunities.
    Seize-able, desirable and commendable.
    The person closest to you ushering your efforts towards these opportunities has to be YOU !!
    gr8 post !

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