Every ‘NO’ has a silver lining!! Do you see it?

Facing a ‘NO’ can be instrumental in tremendous growth! Have you thought about it?

I’ve always thought about how important it is to be able to say ‘NO’ but never really gave a thought to how I’d feel being on the other side of the table.

Few days back 2 of my favourite bloggers, Sylvia & Tami blogged about being able to say NO.

Sylvie blogged about ‘5 great tips to start saying NO‘ & Tami blogged about ‘Learning to say No‘.

I was happy to read both these posts & felt great thinking about how I’ve changed over the years, how I’ve become more assertive, how now,I speak up my mind easily & most importantly how comfortably I am able to say NO!!

But how does it make us feel when we are at the receiving end of a NO? Don’t we feel low, when in place of a high-five, we get an insulting NO instead?

I gave this a thought when I happened to see the last few minutes of the Wimbledon Men’s final. I am not a tennis buff and it was just by chance I observed how Murray felt when he lost the final. He had tears which he was uncontrollably trying to stop & it wasn’t a pleasant scene for me to watch.

He was surely working towards a ‘YES’ and must have tried very hard, but what was in store for him was a ‘NO’. He couldn’t win the championship but I’m very sure he is going to practice harder in order to get there next year & I wont be surprised if he does.

Sometimes, we can’t predict, how much of our growth can get cut short because of a single YES (read success). Not getting that YES and facing an unpleasant NO, is a sure shot method to more growth. I’m very sure, Murray will work harder and master the game before he actually wins this YES & at that time, he will be able to see the NO with a silver lining.

Last few weeks, I’ve been working hard to strike a deal, a very important one for my Coaching Career. A couple of days back, I was given feelers that this deal may not come through. Initially I felt insecure but later, I thought of all the other options I could explore and accordingly took the necessary steps.

It suddenly made way for many more deals to get through, which I would have never thought of, if the initial deal would have worked right away!!

Today, I welcomed the good news of cracking this initial deal, (finally getting an assignment to work as a Passion Coach at one of the Management Colleges in Pune) with the possibility of having many other such deals. Had this assignment come to me as easily as I thought it would, I would have never tried to get through to other colleges.

Today I feel happier & I thank that Big NO, that crossed my way few days back 🙂

If every day unwrapped itself, in a manner we wished it would, life would be so predictable! And most importantly so limiting.

All that we can think of, see, hear, feel would happen, leaving us with so much of untouched potential. Thank god, that all the unexpected stuff shows up in the form of NOs, for us to realize that there is much more to us than we can see, hear, feel or be..


Have you experienced the tremendous growth that tags along with a big NO?


7 responses to “Every ‘NO’ has a silver lining!! Do you see it?

  1. Reblogged this on ibelivetoday and commented:

    A ‘No’ is spelled differently than a ‘Yes’ & if we treat this to be the only difference between the 2 words, & pray for a ‘No’ for every ‘Yes’ in our life – life will appear beautiful 🙂

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