Wanna know what makes you tick?

Its been a long time since I’ve wanted to write about knowing one’s values or to put it more simply -Knowing about what is it that makes you feel, “YES!! This is what my life is all about!!”

I believe, that if a person wants to become successful & wants to be happy, the first place he has to visit is inside of him!!

The first question to be asked – OUT LOUD TO ONESELF, is “What is my life all about?”

Help yourself with a diary & a pencil , and start answering this question honestly. What do the answers look like?

Do the answers to this question look like – A challenging career, A happy family life, Health & fitness, an awesome love life, children, or maybe grandchildren, a big home, a huge car, a big business…..

Or do the answers feel more like – Graduation, more education, management degree, huge friend circle, party all time, vacations..

Or do you feel they are more of- Supporting the society, helping the needy, doing something for this world..

Whatever it is, make your list!! Think of everything possible on this earth or otherwise, that will give you the satisfaction of leading a beautiful life.

First few days, you may have a list of say ten or twelve or maybe even twenty or may be even hundred. There is no benchmark or any guideline that you should have so many in your list. Feel free to make the additions.

Its your life, feel free to think about it! Try doing this on a regular basis. If possible visit this page every week or every day, if you like to. Again no guideline. Its your life, do as you feel.

Do you feel like cutting down a few on this list or adding few to it. Go on. Its your life, its your list! Like I’ve mentioned, feel free. Be your own guest 🙂

By doing this on a regular basis, slowly clarity will appear & you may have a few on your list that you see as MUST HAVES for your life, whereas some may seem like a part of the WISHLIST! Wishlist items are those, that if you have them your life will be amazing, but you are happy even in their absence.

So once, you’re able to sort out your list as Wishlist & Must Haves, keep the wishlist aside. They are not entirely about what your life is all about.

Focus now, on a regular basis on the Must Haves. After you’ve had like a list of Must Haves, also try to feel the emotion that you will have when this ‘must have list item’ is in your life. If you feel an Ecstasy, a moment of Euphoria, I guess you’ve nailed it.

No euphoria, no ecstasy? No worries. Its your life. The deeper you dive into it, it will throw up secrets that will be of great value to you.

Keep this exercise going till you find out, the few items on this list, which make your life- a life worthwhile to be lived, which make you feel happy and proud that you actually are gonna live this life.

This list will help you find out your Values, that you hold very important n close to your heart, that make your life- YOUR LIFE & that add the happiness and bliss quotient to your life.

Do write to me about what you discovered. If any more help needed in figuring out your Values, I’m always eager to help out!!

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3 responses to “Wanna know what makes you tick?

  1. Well this is an assured way to keep your self busy and happy by working for something you actually want rather than wasting your time in thinking what is the purpose of your life n all.
    Thanks for this helpful post Shraddha.

    Cheers… 🙂

    • Hi ForT!!

      Am glad you found this post helpful.
      Hey, btw Im following you but I am unable to receive your posts in my mailbox. Is there anything that you or maybe I have to activate?
      When I was new to blogging, I thought its a gud idea to follow my own blog, so I get to know how it appears, when it reaches the followers mailbox.. Just a suggestion


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