Aligning with our dream self, are we???

There is no “one” way of being. Who we are today are the best version of ourselves for today. Saying that, I’d also say whatever seems to be holding us, we aught to let it go. We are free flowing souls and are allowed to make any choice, even if it seems crazy or weird to anyone else.


Setting high goals for ourselves is a beautiful thing!! but when we are unable to change ourselves in preparation for our new goals, we kinda project a conflict..

For example, we want to be abundant, yet we feel needy from within.We want to be more loving, yet we hold ourselves back. We want to live our life in peace, yet at the very sign of a conflict we wanna run away!!
Bringing alignment in who we are, who we wanna be, and what changes we need to make is the key here. Once we find that key, changing our lives to be the one we have dreamt of, is stones throw away!!
So if you have cherished a dream in your heart and have given up on it cuz it seems unattainable, think again!!! It’s right here, next to you waiting for you to look at it again, but with a changed perspective 🙂

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