The blogs that make my day!!

As long as I have known myself, I’ve always hated reading stuff. Books always end up half read, ‘only first few pages’ read or sometimes even completely unread. There was a time when I used books as if they were a lullaby on mute, created with the only purpose of putting me to sleep.

Don’t hate me, all you book lovers but that’s how I am. Can’t really help it. The only few books that I’ve finished in less than a week’s time (that kinda surprises me no end) are Conversations with God (book I) by Neale Donald Walsch, The immortals of Meluha & The secret of the Nagas by Amish, A Prisoner of birth by Jeffrey Archer, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, The last lecture by Randy Pausch & ummm, don’t think there are any more.

I had a similar response mechanism towards blogs initially & to be honest, the only posts I used to read were the ones I had to post (with a purpose of editing). But there are a few bloggers who have changed my perspective about reading & I absolutely love reading their blog posts (few of them post daily).

It made my day, (the day before yesterday) reading posts from all of these champion bloggers all on the same day. Through this post I wish to thank them and share their posts so the cheer passes on.

I’ll start with Tami who blogs on all week days. Its awesome, the manner in which she shares the highlights or quotes from her reads 🙂 in a crisp post. I loved the one that landed in my mailbox on August 1st which was titled as- What are your Love Languages? Absolutely loved this one Tami. Have big plans of exploring 5 love languages 🙂 Sounds definitely very interesting.

Sylvia’s Proactive Life blog is another interesting one & I absolutely love her ‘Challenge Fridays‘. Not just Challenge fridays, but all others too. I loved the one you posted today Sylvie, n I’m sure its gonna resonate with many others who read it. This one’s titled –It’s ok to make mistakes, we are only humans.

For all creative buffs out there, there’s diary of a mad crafter who’s so so very creative and has a beautiful blog. (Sorry but I’ve never come across her name as of now, but all her DIY aka Do It Yourself projects are rocking 😉 ) I loved the one (the  very easy one) – Transferring a photo onto wood & am so gonna try it out. Looks kind of easy and worth the effort 😉 Actually all the DIY projects posted there, look gr8 but the one’s which look tedious walk out of my ‘Let Me Try This’ list 😉

Then there’s leaf and twig by blogger seedbud. I’ve been following this blog only since the last few days n I’ve already fallen in love with it. This blog is too cool n has short posts with impressive photos!! Mindblowing!! The photos are awesome and I am sure you will fall in love with this one titled BLUE which is just a click away. You will absolutely love it:) Believe ME, everyone around me did:)

Then for all you nature lovers, there’s another one – My Everyday Photos. Its mindblowingly beautiful. Ive started following this one since just the last few days & the very first time I visited this photoblog, I had to hit on follow!! Especially the Summer Scenes & Hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail. Also the Tiffany Mountain actually. This blogsite is just too supercool.

There are many other interesting blogs that I love and hence am following but the ones mentioned above top the list 🙂 Hope you like seeing them just as much as I do.




4 responses to “The blogs that make my day!!

  1. Wow!! Thank you so much for the shout out, and the sweet words 🙂 I’m so glad you love my blog and words cannot express how happy this just made me! 🙂

    -Diary of a mad crafter (aka Nicole 🙂 )

    • Hey there Nicole,

      I really love your blog and love your energy when it comes to creating projects, clicking pictures at every little stage & sometimes learning the hard way and giving extra tips to ur readers 🙂
      You’re walking an extra mile to spread the joy that you get when you create all these wonders 🙂 & that speaks a lot about how passionate you feel about all of this 🙂
      I really appreciate your passion & energy , n wanted to thank you for keeping this blog alive 🙂 Keep it up gal 🙂

      – Shraddha

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