Renewing one of my lost passions – Mehendi :)

I’ve realized very late in life that I AM AN ARTIST, and that there’s absolutely no other way, in which I can exist happily and lovingly 🙂 I always thought as a kid, that I lacked the creativity & am only good at imitating stuff. That’s how I got started with one of my first passions –Mehendi 🙂 I would imitate designs and keep practicing it. Sometimes on my hands, most of the times on my feet & at other times on my mom’s or sis’s hands.

I’ve been in love with this awesome thing since I was 13 🙂 Since the last 2 years or may be more, I’ve lost touch with my fav activity (May be cuz there are many more exciting things to do when I’m free like spend time with my husband n family, watch movies, cook 😦 , travel…) I want to thank you Bec, from New Zealand, for not just visiting my blog site but also reminding me of one of my long-lost passion – Mehendi.

I’ve always wanted to specialize in traditional bridal designs, but the thought of investing a lot of time attending the classes & then spending more time practicing – to improve my speed, my ability to visualize designs, my finesse, etc seems like a lot. This is the very reason I’ve been putting it off & today I just realized that it’s been a really long time since I practiced.

So a small way of renewing my long-lost passion is make it a part of my blog 🙂

I’ve been lucky to design and apply mehendi to 4 brides till now & every time I was excited at the opportunity of putting it for a real bride (not just for practice), I would forget to capture those exciting moments of my happiness (& hopefully those of the bride too ;)) There’s just one memory left with me, of my bridal designs n that’s posted below.

Am introducing a new category on my blog, for my Mehendi designs & kickstarting this category with the design I made for Hannah for her wedding, on 6th March 2011.

Hannah’s Bridal Mehendi

Hannah’s Bridal Mehendi – A thicker design to color better 🙂

Posting a few more snaps of the practice mehendi done at home. They are all done on my sis in law, Addu’s hands 🙂

A Peacock in design 🙂

Another one 🙂

I love peacock’s in my designs 🙂

Another one, a symmetric design 🙂

It dint color very well 😦

Okay, the next pics that I’m gonna post hereafter will be only after I start practicing again which is very soon 🙂

Thanks again Bec, for your interest in Mehendi 🙂 Am glad you asked me 🙂



15 responses to “Renewing one of my lost passions – Mehendi :)

      • Hey Bec!!

        Just visited your Art Shop!! You are crazy creative man!! Your watercolor + ink combo is just too awesome & each of your works has your art style painted all over it (with or without the watermark ;)) Too awesome.
        To come up with an idea of setting this up as a Business is awesome & you’re doin a gr8 job.. Am amazed at your creativity & the way you’re making a living out of your luv for it 🙂

        Keep it rolling..


      • Eeeee! Thank you so much for all of your kind and supportive words! I only opened my shop a few months ago so am still learning alot about it but its definitely sooo much fun!
        Thank you so much for your feedback Shraddha! xx

    • Wowww!! I’d so luv to 😉
      You just made my day with your comment & this just inspires me to get back to it asap 🙂
      Thanks so much 🙂 Have a great day n beautiful rest-of-d-week ahead 🙂


  1. Of so many things which define our culture and beauty of being Indians, one of the things on my list would be “Mehendi”

    You might not be realizing, but you are harnessing and nourishing a prestigious art in you which relates us with the grandeur and beauty of our rich culture !

    Marvelous !
    Happy Blogging !

    • Hey Prashant!!

      Thanks so much!! I’ve never thought of Mehendi in this way!! Its always been one of my passions but I never really thought about how it draws me so close to our Indian Culture..
      Wow!! I’ve never felt so proud about my luv for this art.. Luv it much much more now.. Thanks for bringing this to my notice.
      Well appreciated 🙂 Thanks so much..

      Happy Blogging!

  2. Dat was indeed pretty! Liked them all 🙂 I hope if some day i get the honor to have a similar design made on my hand 🙂 #Lovemehandi

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