How expectations suck out all the joy, you have!!

Expectations – Beautiful yet unclear, distant and short lived!!

Nah!! Expectations don’t do that!! They pull you up to give your best and a lot can be realized when one expects… and..

Please shut all that crap!! Expectations are of use only and only when they are organised around Action!! In absence of Action, expectations simply leave you devoid of all joy..

‘I expected to get a diamond ring on my wedding anniversary’ or ‘I expected my boss would ask me to take the day off’ or ‘I expected you will at least give me a better rating if not a good hike’

Oh come on!! We are never vocal about our expectations else the world would be so much better..

Our mind is a wicked spark plug, creating all these expectations & this is all only self talk. We are too timid to tell our spouse, or boss or anyone else about our expectations. We ourselves have no idea what we want from our lives, and we expect others to read our minds constantly… Result is ‘I expected to get blah blah’

What if we change our focus from expectations to action? What if we asked ourselves, which of our expectations really matter to us? What if we could communicate these expectations to the concerned person & figure out for ourselves if they can be met?

We all have endless joy in our life!! What ever we lack is just a creation of lack in our minds!! May be we don’t really need it, or may be we haven’t tried too hard to make it a part of our life.

For starters, we could just look at all the beautiful things around & be grateful that they made it into our life. Else, the grass is always greener on the other side, no matter what!!

Lets get busy finding the true joy that stays with us rather than getting pulled down by dirty games of our own mind..

Signing off!!


2 responses to “How expectations suck out all the joy, you have!!

  1. so what are expectations really ?
    something you know won’t happen but you still wish for it believing into magics and miracles ?
    something you really work hard for and want it to reciprocate with your efforts?
    something you think you deserve and are not sure whether would be blessed with or not?

    expectations are the engine which is the heart of any car. The efforts are the fuel which would make the car move. The purity of the efforts signifies the purity of the heart.

    bas….itna hi 🙂

    Happy Blogging !

  2. You just said it wonderfully!! Yes expectations r the engine & efforts r the fuel.. They need each other to work else r of no use all by themself..

    Awesome explanation man!! U found the right words.. upar se attitude dekho..
    Bas Itna Hi!! 😉

    Awesome..u too happy blogging 🙂

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