Top 5 reasons why TBBT aka The Big Bang Theory rocks!!

TBBT- Penny, you’re in Sheldon’s spot 🙂 lol!!

There was a time when I hated my Sundays cuz my husband, would spend most of the day watching a series of TBBT episodes back to back.

I know I’m kinda exaggerating a bit here, but yes.. I would be irritated at the sight of 4 nerdy guys, and more so cuz my husband was having an awesome time watching this show n not just one episode but a TBBT Marathon.

I started by hating this show, as it meant less attention from my Husband on Sundays, and now, I’ve got promoted quite a few times cuz now I thouroughly enjoy teaming up with my hubby n sis in law to watch TBBT marathon 🙂

And that’s exactly why I wanna share my ‘top 5’ reasons why this series completely rocks 🙂

1. If I wouldn’t have come up with the other 4 reasons, all 5 reasons would spell – DR. SHELDON LEE COOPER.

Jim Parsons really steals the show, by portraying Sheldon’s character – a person one would hate to love or may be love to hate!! I totally enjoy the extreme ESTJ ( Referring to MBTI) that he plays, the weird immature tantrums that he always gets away with & most importantly – I love the way his friends totally tolerate him all the time yet miss him when he’s not around 😉

Everything about him be it his sickening adherence to self made schedules, his ostentatious nature that can’t stop thinking beyond himself or the imbalance of his totally high IQ against his almost zero EQ- each and every darn thing drives you crazy – Bazzinga 😉

Its impossible for him to ever put himself in another’s shoes, not even physically cuz his extreme sense of hygiene disallows him to do so. Lol!!

However weird he is, he is loved to be watched & I’m sure everyone loves Dr. Sheldon Cooper just as much as I do 🙂

You like him or not- You’re going to miss this guy if he’s not around in the show!!

2.  The second reason would off course be the chemistry between the 4 nerdy friends, Dr. Leonard Hofstadter, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Dr. Rajesh Koothrapalli & ‘Not A Dr.’ Howard Wolowitz.

I mean they are an awesome foursome (in a very clean way) who love to spend time together @ the canteen, or @ Stuart’s comic book store or simply chilling out together around Sheldon’s spot 😉 on the couch ;).. Whether they talk about discoveries in Physics, showcase their love for their all time favorite -Star Wars movies or sort out each other’s issues, its always great fun to watch the 4 nerds hanging out.

Ahh.. We also have Penny here 🙂

3. The next reason is surely dedicated to the entertaining, I meant unique relationships that the 4 nerds share with their mothers (or parent’s in Raj’s case) 🙂 I love how their ‘NOT SO PERFECT’ lives get slightly more imperfect, when their mothers are around!! 🙂

Howard’s mom who is not shown at all in the series, plays a major role in entertaining us by her loud yells, overbearing attitude & hormonal issues while Raj’s parents are all the time trying (over video chat) to hook him up with an Indian gal.

Leonard’s mom – a psychiatrist, seems like a female version of Sheldon & Leonard’s always craving for her attention (read appreciation). At times when Leonard’s in trouble, this lady often makes him feel worse

Sheldon’s mom is a complete entertainer!! The devout christian with her Texan attitude, is popularly referred to as KRYPTONITE, as she is the only one who can sort out her son’s issues. Watching Sheldon with his mom is a complete treat 🙂

Leonard And Sheldon with their moms..

4.  The fourth reason is the zing that Penny brings to the show. Its amazing to see how, the cool and casual, very messy and disorganized (also less educated) Penny, successfully hangs out (read – enjoys hanging out) with the group of geeks.

From enjoying free meals @ their apartment to helping them out when they’re in trouble, she manages to prove that she may not be as techie as they are but definitely she’s much smarter. Also her constantly On-and- Off relationship with Leonard gives a beautiful angle to the show.

5. The fifth reason has got to be the beautiful characterization of other characters, be it Stuart, Will Wheaton or Kripke, be it Bernadette or Amy.. The characters and their influences on the 4 nerds n Penny is just mind blowing.

Bernadette has been portrayed as a sweet yet very ambitious gal, who yells just like Howard’s mother..Lol..No wonder he not only fell for her, but also proposed and ended up getting married to her 🙂

Amy Farrah Fowler is another amazing character- A perfect match for Sheldon yet has slightly better social skills as compared to him. Its a treat to see Sheldon & Amy together in a ‘no sizzle’ yet sizzling chemistry 🙂

Howard’s missing as he is ready to get launched into Space 🙂

All the characters in this show are so beautifully created & its amazing to see them come together to create an entertaining, comedy show- The Big Bang Theory..

All those who love this show, I know you’re smiling as you read this!! All those who don’t watch this show -Its never too late to start..believe me, you won’t regret!!

TBBT- I love you & all those who created you 🙂 Just today,we thoroughly enjoyed the last few episodes of season 5 & are waiting for more 🙂

Signing off for now!!


7 responses to “Top 5 reasons why TBBT aka The Big Bang Theory rocks!!

    • Hmm.. I thought about Sheldon’s type. I was very sure @ him being a TJ!! His lack of empathy & love for rational decision making proves that he is Thought oriented 🙂
      His love for bringing order in his life, by making schedules and following them meticulously is proof of him loving the Judgement function.. So definitely he is a TJ!!
      Now for the other 2, I had to kind of think through this tricky one.
      His love for details & particularly an extreme sense of Hygiene, made me figure out that he must be preferring to perceive using his Senses. Any person who preferred the iNtuition, would have hated to be a micro planner. The proof of his love for details can be seen in the elaborate manner he has charted out the room mate agreement 😉 and I guess only a ‘S’ can achieve that feat..
      About being an ‘E’ I was first confused. When I gave it a serious thought, any ‘I’ type wouldn’t have tried this hard to prove themselves. He is quite vocal about his achievements (at all times). And if you look at Sheldon’s character, his dialogs speak for him. Leonard is an introvert, and it can be very well seen but about Sheldon, I’m not too sure if he is an Extravert but quite sure that He IS NOT an Introvert 😉 So i guess I felt he is an ESTJ!!
      Also, the fact that he is able to get all his work done (be it being driven to work, dentist, hair cut or wherever else) from people around him, talks about being an ESTJ!! ESTJs are complete manager material and I’ve noticed that around me. And Sheldon is perfect Manager Material 🙂 (A manager ..Not a leader okay!!)

      So that’s my explanation for Sheldon =ESTJ (very extreme).. Let me know what you think 🙂

      Happy blogging

      • Its the best show ever! I loved watching it in India and continue to watch the show and also its endless re-runs on TBS in the evenings here!!
        I agree when u say, Sheldon and Amy (The Shamy) are awesome! Jim Parsons is the best! He has also won Best actor Emmys quite a few times for his role in TBBT!!!!!!!



      • Totally agree with every word 🙂 Its an amazing show created so well!!
        I luv the way the characters r crafted so beautifully & OMG..i can go on n on:)

        Thanks for ur time to read n comment re Mallu:)

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