Challenges – Ready for Me!! Or am I ready for the challenges :)

A post that has in it something for me to bring to life:) Finally I’m looking forward to a new ME!!

Yess!!! I can & YESSSSS!!! I will!!

So here’s my challenge list n strictly I’m gonna adhere to it for the next 21 days minimum.

1. Get up every day @ 7.20 am

2. Take charge of my Course & push my certification to see the light of the day- Graduate by December 2012

3. Take charge of my health – I’m bugged of the unhealthy and unfit me. Just cuz I’m lucky I don’t look fat (even though I’ve gained weight big time) doesn’t mean I can take my health casually.

Daily exercise & Pranayam is gonna be an integral part of my day now 🙂

4. Efficiently manage my kitchen related chores in a total of 4 hours per day

5. Start my guitar classes & attend them twice a week.

6. Include meaningful games in the group coaching plan (this is reg. the current responsibility I’m handling) & design a mechanism for creating a culture of celebration & acknowledgement.

The extra challenges that are lying in the pipeline are: (May be for October ;))

1. Start driving

2. Keep at least few hours in a week for my Mehendi Practice

3. Kick start and work towards a plan that helps me achieve my goal of contributing towards education of the girl child

4. Enhance my Self Awareness to a Super Conscious level – I will be able to identify a WASTE thought immediately & throw it out of my life 🙂 making sure that each n every waste thought stays where its meant to be -out of ma life 😉

5. Include meditation as a daily routine.

Huhhhh… Sounds like a lot of work but for a change I’m not tired thinking about it. In fact I’m feeling motivated that these goals are motivating me. 🙂

All the introverts (In ref to MBTI ;)) here are going to wonder why am I proposing this challenge list on my blog.

Its a kind of announcement that I’m making so that I don’t run away from it. I’m sure you guys will ask me about it, if I don’t celebrate the 21 days achievement 🙂 Plus, being an Extravert, its impossible for me to digest all this internally in my head. I have to chalk it down lol..

12th September is the golden date & till 12th September, every day my goals are gonna be achieved. And I’m gonna celebrate this win big time…

By the way, I cut my hair really short yesterday. Its been on my mind since quite some time but I finally got myself to do it & thats the start of the NEW ME. Yayy..

3 Cheers to the new ME!! 🙂

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