Ure very very super special :)

Written on 22nd August 2012- 1.06 am

It’s been (a lil more than) 2 yrs since I’ve known you
N every day I love you more n more
You are indeed very very special
You’re simply so beautiful from the core

Initially, you were silent
While I was the talking one
I thought you were pretty unaware
Of what alls goin on

No!! I was completely n totally wrong
You observed each n everything
Grasping stuff so magically well
Remembering every little teeny weeny thing

You’ve grown from a small little baby
Into such a smart n understanding 2 yr old
I wish I could be with you all d time
Bein away from my sweetiepie is too ice cold

You are so cute n loving,
You make my eyes all moist
I can’t make sense of all you speak
But it simply does bring tons load of joy

I remember how I taught you to celebrate by sayin ‘yesss’
You picked it up pretty immediately
I know ure gonna b super successful some day
Making your mom n dad proud n super jolly

Ure really very very special ‘Anu’
I send u tons of hugs n kisses
Some day wen I have a baby
I know you’l b an amazing sis

You’re so very magical, sweetie
You make everyone fall in love wit you
So lovingly u call  me ‘Pachchi’
I feel sad biddin a gud bye to u

U love to share ur stuff,
and that super amazes me
Not just stuff, u wanna share ‘luv’ too,
Some of my kisses for u n some for your mummy

You love to love everyone
N you love to be loved too
You love to spread the love
With everyone around you

You’re so very understanding n supportive
In times of necessity you let us all trick you
You let us divert your attention away so easily
You’re so innocent n sweet, I just so very much love u

You make ur mom n dad (n all of us) feel so proud
At this young age- already
Can’t imagine how ul make them feel
When ul be on ur own feet n steady

My darling niece Anantika (Anu)
ure such a cute little luvable sweetie
I can continue to write about u,  endless lines
I’m so pretty sure il never get bored, tired or lazy

Il always cherish these beautiful moments
All those that I spent wit u
Ure really a super special sweetheart
N il always continue to super luv u

Ur Shraddhu Pachchi

(Shraddhu Aunty)


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