In the moment!!

Love this awareness & the moment when I acknowledge my presence & thank the giver for being so loving and huge hearted πŸ™‚

One of such gratitude expressing pic is the one below..Its taken on 5th September -My first Teacher’s day as a Teacher hmmmm rather a coach..

Was walking my way back home when I just realised -This is the life I’ve always wanted to live,

my independence – I’m walking alone here,

my career- my first gift- a rose received from students on teacher’s day,

my family n the way I balance both- My toe rings signify my marriage + my attachment to my family ……n especially my hubby ;),

my ‘ME Time’- the small chord that’s seen in the pic is my headset denoting my music time,

n this pic captures it all beautifully!!

Signing off with one of my ‘Caught-This-Awareness-On-Camera’ pic..Cheers

Got it all !!

2 responses to “In the moment!!

  1. Whoa.. It seemed m reading what happens me most of d tym(most of d moments u mentioned).. D Rose on teachers day.. I rememberd the moments 2 years back as I also felt so proud to get d Rose from student on d same day.. Music s d best part of my(our πŸ™‚ ) life.. Sometyms I just stand on terrace for awhile n look around d beautiful nature..n for few minutes I stop thinking.. Everything has its own flow.. Den we notice d world around us is so busy 2 notice us sometimes.. And I’m so lucky that I got chance 2 read your blogs.. All are amazing.. It’s like something close 2 me, my life.. U write awesome.. Keep writing.. All d best.. πŸ™‚ – Regards Abhay.. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much Abhay!! Thanks for ur words of appreciation!!
      They are really encouraging:)

      Thanks for taking tym to read the posts :)feels gr8 to receive such response! Thanx again πŸ™‚
      Best wishes for an awesome future


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