Do we love ourselves? Yeah? Really?

If you do, you can’t stay away from seeing its beautiful side effect on your life- like I did few months ago..

Just few minutes back, I read an article in Sunday -Times Life. A cancer survivor- Anita Moorjani spoke about her near death experience after which she victoriously came out of her Cancer 🙂 She has quoted- “SELF LOVE is the Best Medicine”

And it so much resonated with me!! Couldn’t stop myself to post about this!

Think about it! Don’t we judge ourselves all the time? Don’t we think of how we fared in our exams? How we played during some competitions? How we messed up big time? How we could have done so much better? How we end up as a loser always?

See…It starts with judging our skills & ends up at ‘I am a LOSER’.. Dunno about others, I always thought like this, whenever I thought of me, internally!

I wasn’t used to playing any sport, and one time that I tried playing cricket, one of my school friends passed some comment, that I really took to heart. He did it completely out of fun, but I took it so seriously, that after that day (I was 15 years old then) I stopped attempting any sport & whenever I did (out of no choice) I went in to play with a thought- ‘I am a LOSER’

OMG!! Why did I not kick myself in my back & ask- “What difference does it make if you goof up the first time? You can try and with time you will be better?”

If any loved one had to talk to me through that low, they would’ve said this!! So If I really loved myself, I too would’ve said this!!

We just show to the world externally, that we love ourselves! Reality Check- We So MUCH don’t!!

Bound by choice- My first Instagram creation 🙂

We judge ourselves all the time! Look at us, we feel the need to be accepted by the external world, when internally we can’t accept ourselves ? Such hypocrites live inside of us!!

You see what I mean? To our loved ones,it really doesn’t matter- how we fare..then why should it bother us!

For starters, its perfectly okay if we learn from our mistakes. They’re not blunders but lessons learned..

Instead of looking at stuff that we are not good at, lets focus at stuff we are super good at!! I’m sure there is stuff that each one of us loves to do, and this is generally also the stuff that we are absolutely good at doing. Think about it!!

We don’t need others to congratulate us or to put belief into us!! We can do that job quite well – like I’ve stated in my ABC 🙂

If you really love yourselves, you won’t feel shy to share at least 3 things you ‘super-love’ doing..And after sharing don’t forget to congratulate yourself for that!! Don’t we congratulate others when they share their achievements?

So what fun stuff are you celebrating today? And what stuff do you wanna Just Let go?


2 responses to “Do we love ourselves? Yeah? Really?

  1. Hi Shraddha

    I dont know why but I always find myself somewhere or the others line in your posts.
    Your post are pretty simple to understand and motivating.
    Again a motivating post.
    Dont stop blogging. Keep writing.


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