Creating Self- Confidence!

Have you ever thought of Self- Confidence! From where does it come?

Does it come from a sense of being satisfied and contented with the skills & capabilities that one has? Or does it come from a sense of calmness that arises from the feeling – Whatever happens, I still love myself, & whatever one may choose to think of me, I am still the same beautiful person…

Now what do you choose to think of yourself?

Come what may, I am a beautiful person who is unique and different from the rest of the others, There is no point in comparing me with anyone else in this world, cuz what I hold with me is unique to me & I value it as a gift from the almighty..


What a jerk I am.. I can’t do anything right the first time and the times following that.. Everything goes wrong with me always & dunno why god does this to me always

What do you choose to think of yourself? Ur choice is very important as these thoughts actually shape up the way we exist & the way we project ourselves to the rest of the world…

What has this got to do with Self -Confidence?

Think about it! We start having confidence in others’ skills only after we have seen them performing well or when we totally trust their skills.

In the same way, we can start creating Self- Confidence, by trusting that we are capable & skilled, by trusting that we can also make it big, if we are determined to take required action.

So what are you waiting for? Just start creating the confident you, by monitoring & changing what you think about the beautiful you !! 🙂


Shraddha (= Faith)



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