TRUST – I got what it means :)

After an Amazing, Brilliant, Super Cool & Awesome Coaching session with my peer client from Tokyo, I was reflecting back as to what do we really mean by TRUST! I made up an easy yet reasonable string of words whose acronym works to be TRUST!!

I made up this:

Take Responsibility , Un Stay Troubled = TRUST!!

Trust Yourself- n you will see this side effect happening 🙂

What do we do when we trust someone? We take responsibility of allowing them to take responsibility, n we decide to not feel troubled or worried..

This string of words works best when I use it to define SELF TRUST!

So when do we really trust ourselves?

When we take responsibility n hold ourselves completely responsible for the task at hand & choose not to get troubled… Am I making sense here?

My life is awesome today cuz few months back I trusted myself that I can be an amazing Coach even before I get certified as a Professional Coach – Believe Me!! Ive never really felt so confident before..

Seriously,no intention of self praise here!! Just want to make this point that each one of us has tremendous potential ..What stops us is that we wait for others to trust us or we wait for others to see our potential.. We don’t acknowledge our own strengths & that’s why each one of us has so much of untouched potential today…

That’s it.. Signing off with Tami’s post that I absolutely loved!! Hope you enjoy reading it just as much as I did..




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