Days of Ice Tea & Filling Ice Trays!!

Whenever I’m eating out, anyone can tell what I’m gonna order first. Definitely ice tea & that’s how much I love it. My love for tea dates back right to when I was a kid, may be 4 or 5 years old or may be 6. Can’t even remember since when.

All that I do recollect was that I hated milk (from the bottom of my soul). My mom, with an intention of generating interest, would add some tea to a glass full of milk. Only then would I even look at it. It had to look like pale, light colored tea & that was what I would call it – ‘Gora Chai’ which means ‘Fair Tea’ 🙂

My love for tea has grown since the time I had my first ice tea. Okay so I guess I digressed, but the point is my love for tea has followed me so very very far, that every time I think of making flavored ice tea at home, my eyes sparkle & i have a big smile  flashing 🙂

Now imagine, I’m geared up for making ice tea & guess what? There’s no ice @ home 😦 😦 😦

Can you feel my pain 😦 Its like I’m all set to go for my vacation & I suddenly remember, I haven’t booked any tickets 😦

So this happened a few times.. I was all set n ready to throw in ice into my flavored tea & noticed, ice tray’s empty…

Do you think I’m so crazy to stop making Ice Tea cuz always there’s a shortage of ice at home? Obviously not!!

We all know what I started doing.. I started filling the ice trays.. Everytime I made Ice tea, even before i could sip it, I would first fill up the empty ice tray so that i ensured myself loads of ice for the next time I felt like making ice tea.

It looks quite simple na? But we do the same stuff in our life..

In college, we blame the professors as incapable or claim the subjects are boring & find ourselves a comfy excuse for disallowing us to take our college seriously. At work, we blame our bosses, our team mates, our office timings to give an excuse for ‘Not up to the mark’ performance. At home, we blame our family members, our neighbors or anyone else for being unable to do our bit..

What are we up to? Are we giving up on Ice Tea, cuz the ice tray is empty?

Isn’t it time to start filling our ice trays rather than complaining there’s no ice!! Its even worse if we think of quitting the idea of making ice tea..

Does this ring any bell for you?


6 responses to “Days of Ice Tea & Filling Ice Trays!!

  1. D only word I said after reading dis s.. “Superb”… It’s truly superb.. “Gora Chai” m also familiar Wid it.. 😉 😀 ..All Things well observed n again well written.. Next tym I vll make sure I Hv plenty of ice trays filled.. 🙂 Thnx ya.. – Regards Abhay d(-_-)b

  2. OMG!! ure familiar with Gora chai.. I’m surprised.. I thought my mom invented it.. LOL

    The question to be asked really here is ‘Are we committed to do stuff that we love the most?’ or are things like an empty ice tray stopping us from living a life we love 🙂

    Thanks for ur time to not just read but also comment!


    • Hey hi,

      I said “Next tym I vll make sure I Hv plenty of ice trays filled..” coz since last week m gettin loadsa work. and m still working on it.. so much to learn.. and there are so many things which i have 2 learn for this new Project.. but still I’m not able to concentrate on ma Work.. I wanted to do it.. i wanna learn dis stuff..
      But still, sometimes i blame my college n Training that they din taught us well enough, Sometyms i blame my ofc timings(though its not fixed(coz i got late sometymz :P))

      But now i realize that they were right at their place.. Only thing i have 2 do something on my own.. and i have 2 make sure that to learn new things which i like , i have to dedicate myself to it.. i have 2 prepare Ice trays ready for next time… 😀

      Abhay 🙂

      • Wow Abhay!! u have an awesome clarity 🙂
        Keep it up n best wishes for filling ur ice trays 🙂

        I’m on a journey where I know my ice trays r empty, but ive to yet figure how to fill them 🙂 U seem totally aware of all of this 🙂 🙂 🙂

        Cheers re!


  3. Hey.. U no IT field.. where v have all preplaned…Lol
    The Completion Dates are fixed.. The Target shud complete within a particular Tym…
    Though the delivery date extends.. In Lyf also hapns same.. 😀

    So i have planned somewat(some of the goals needs to b completed) n hope i vll complete it soon.. 🙂 Like next tym i can make Ice tea for sure bt wat abt d future!!! .. 😉

    Ohh.. I have filled half of the Ice tray.. and I’m also finding how to fill the rest of d trays..
    Hope v both vll find d way out… All d Very Best 2 “yu”… 🙂


    Abhay \m/

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