Do I feel free to be in your shoes?

A few years back, if I asked myself this question, I guess I wouldn’t even have understood what it meant!! Thank God, I do today!

Have you ever wondered what will it take to buy oneself a long and happy married life? I always wonder..

When I was just married, I could feel the romance in the air & after almost 3 years of being married, I sometimes have to strive hard to make us feel the same. N yet I still wish n know from the bottom of my heart, that even after 50 or 60 years, my marriage would be this way..

So I wonder, what was it that made us stick to each other when we were newly married.. We were getting to know each other, we had no expectations of any sort, all that we longed for was to spend time together in a beautiful way.Knowing all this, how easy is it to create the same magic now n make sure it lasts forever?

Its not really that tough if I can get myself to do one small thing..n that is feeling free to be in my husband’s shoes!!

When I do, I see that he is so loving that he can easily replace anger with love, forgive me for all the crap I say (that I don’t mean) when I’m angry n also forget all that. Wow!!! I can easily see that he is different from me.

What matters to me, may not really matter to him n when he says no to that stuff (could be movies I wanna watch or go shopping, may be), he doesn’t say NO to me, but says No to that stuff..

So I just have to understand him, just like I expect others to, when I am being forced to do something I don’t like doing. I do so cuz my freedom matters so much to me.. So when it matters to me, shouldn’t it be easy for me to know, how the other person feels, when he is forced…

In fact, this practice of feeling how different the world looks, when I’m in the other’s shoes, works with not just my hubby, but with everyone else. It just suddenly feels lighter to see it the way the other person sees it & then respect the difference & not make such a big issue out of it 🙂

Wanna try this? It really works wonders!! Be my guest n feel free to try this out, with one of your loved ones..

I’l feel blessed if you take another step n tell me how it feels:)





6 responses to “Do I feel free to be in your shoes?

  1. OMG!!!! Dis s really true.. I don no how it s possible…but frankly speaking.. Whenever I read ur blog.. It pretty amazing 2 sense it.. Coz all u write s almost similar to ma life, ma thoughts.. And I also feel so blessed dat some1 s like me.. U write “Ossom”.. 🙂 most of us don realise d other persons point of view.. Really v don want to understand sometym.. Bt when v try to see things from other persons view.. V r amazed to see d situation and our own reaction to it.. I don know whether m Ryt or wrong.. Bt it happens yaar.. Thanx for writing such a nyc blog n sharing cool thoughts.. Keep writing keep experiencing.. Juz b Hapie… 1 more thing I wanna say.. I use so much short forms.. Sowie for dat.. Hope u vll understand.. 😉 warm regards- Abhay Mistry d(-_-)b

    • Hey there Abhay!!

      No worries for ur shortforms.. Its really cool 🙂
      Thanks for ur comment!!

      I feel blessed to read your response!! Its gr8 that ure already experiencing this awareness n are able to see the other’s point of view!!

      Hats off to u cuz at this age if ure already doing all this, its kinda amazing 🙂
      I’ve just started in this realm of self awareness n I feel better when I put myself in the other’s I shared it here..

      Hoping to read your blog someday!!


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