A life of choices or the choice of LIFE???

When we are young, in school- If its friends vs. family – friends win!

When we are in college,gala time with friends spells life – If its movies vs. lectures – movies win!

When we are newly recruited,still getting the hang of corporate – If its work vs. day off@home – ‘day off’ wins!

When we climb the organization ladder,an ambition we have nurtured all the time – We can’t even afford thinking of any choice.. Work always wins!!

Can we see them?

Do we really know our priorities? Are we so lost that we have no time to find out what should be on our top 5-list?

Ask a retired old man if his work drops by him weekly to visit him when he feels lonely? Ask a teenager, if his friends come to his rescue when he is caught up in a messed up situation & he seriously needs help?

Ask a 10 year old, who does he need to make him feel better when his scores are lower than his peers in school? Ask an over worked guy, if his team helps him de-stress n make up for his lost health?

What matters to you the most in your life? If you feel blank, ask WHO matters to you most in your life? If you still feel blank, ask WHAT am I made up of? Do the answers make you think?

Are the answers worth feeling proud of?

If yes, then you’re on a gr8 track in life cuz a life of alignment is what brings us that nice, peaceful sleep at night & the energy to wake up the next morning..

If No, then think twice.. What’s more important for you?

A choice is what takes us from a chaotic life to one which displays alignment..And in alignment, lies all the power!

Signing off!

PS- Sharing this song that applies for all those who haven’t given due attention to their priorities & would want to start afresh 🙂 Can be dedicated to moms, dads, family, spouse, siblings, friends ….anyone who is your priority!!


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