How Coaching Works !!!

Just saw this video & SUPER LOVED it as it visually expresses what Coaches really do!!

Beautiful Video that I’m sure everyone will love & on seeing it, they’ll know why Coaches are sought after 🙂

Also, from the back pages of my blog, here’s how I had introduced Coaching to all my friends n others 🙂

If anyone has any doubts about Coaching, let your thoughts flow n post them here!

Happy to provide clarifications!




2 responses to “How Coaching Works !!!

  1. Hi Shraddha. I came from a post of yours on the ICA Forum. I also like your word ‘rhythmoholic’.There are so many rhythms in the world around us, the most important being my own heartbeat. Everyone experiences rhythm. It can’t be avoided, otherwise a person is not living. The song by Aisha is fantastic for rhythm and I couldn’t help myself from rocking along with it with my body. When I hear a song I tend to focus on the rhythm rather than on the music itself or the words. That’s why I took up African drumming. I believe world music provides one of the best ways to experience a variety of musical rhythmic experience. I would recommend it to anyone who is aware of the rhythms of the world around us and enjoys being a rhythmaholic. I am one and proud of it. I will send you a message via ICA looking for coaching.

    • Hi there Tony!!

      Thanks a ton for reading the post on Rhythm!! Rhythm is so beautiful right? Im sure its a way for us to connect with our deep beautiful selves 🙂
      Btw, I just did my bit for connecting with you! Would love to coach you..
      Looking forward to interacting with you & knowing more about your objectives 🙂


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