Commitment IS Clarity!!

Knowing what you really want & following it with all your heart is Commitment!!

If there’s stuff you’re unable to commit yourself to, think again!! Is it something you really want?

When we keep trying to do something, its not always that we are failing to do it, or we are giving up on ourselves, or we don’t have enough patience or perseverance. It could just be that this stuff is not what you’re deeply committed to.

I’ve been trying hard to get myself committed to being fit. What do I do when I say ‘I tried hard’? I actually wanna say, I did nothing to get myself serious about my fitness. Why?

Fitness is not my priority!! I may want it to be one of my priorities, cuz its gr8 to be fit! One can lead a healthier life, happier life when they’re fit n fine 🙂 Yeah- Agreed!! But what if that’s not my priority?

I may fool myself saying, I wanna exercise & loose those extra pounds but I don’t feel or sense any energy when I think of this activity! So that’s the reason I’m always trying to be fit & that’s also why I’m not committed to being fit!!

Now lets see, what else am I committed to doing?

~ I’m committed to spend lot of quality time with my family & being there for them always !!

~ I’m committed to getting certified as a Professional Coach!

~ I’m committed to retain my independence n freedom and live my life exactly how I want to live it!

~ I’m committed to support other people in living a life of their choice, a life that empowers!

~ I’m committed to explore life, dabble in various beautiful aspects n areas of life rather than specialize and dedicate myself to any one area!

~ I’m committed to being thoroughly spontaneous! Routine or Rules or a predictable life is something I don’t enjoy!

Yes!! Im committed to all the above & they mean ENERGY to me! No amount of money ever motivated me as much as my commitment to support people in loving their life!

So What is Commitment? Commitment is Clarity!! And if you’re trying and trying to get yourself to do something, then you’re surely confused about your commitment!! Once your clear, you’l find the commitment!

Awesome class – Thanks Kathy for a wonderful session!! I’m certainly a commitment loving person now 🙂

Signing Off!




4 responses to “Commitment IS Clarity!!

  1. Great thoughts Shraddha. As you say, commitment is clarity. But could it be the other way round viz.Clarity comes when we are committed. So I ask, ” What are you really committed to, Shraddha?” You can try to find out by noticing aspects about which you have clarity.


    • That’s an awesome way to look at it Shakti!! It does make sense..

      Having clarity helps to get to know ur commitments and sometimes our Commitments bring to us a lot of clarity that’s sometimes much needed..

      So yup!! I guess it works both ways.. Loved ur thought here:)
      Thanx for sharing 🙂


  2. This post reminds me of Salman Khan’s Dialog “Ek bar jo aine committment karde to fir main apne aap kli bhe nahe sunta”.

    Your posts always make me think. Now I am looking for my commiittments.

    Again a nice post.

    Keep writing.

    For T

    • Thanks ForT!!

      Im so glad to hear that they make you think!! That’s one of the reasons why I share stuff here, so may be the clarity that comes to my life could pass on..

      Do let me know when my posts start getting boring..Im looking at changing stuff about what I write but I guess it will happen slowly..

      Thanks again!! Cheers 🙂


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