OMG!! I learn differently & so do you?

You know what? Every person learns differently!!

When I was studying engineering, the easiest way for me to learn was to tell others how something works!! I was always tempted to explain some of the lessons to someone else.For me, that was how I studied!!

So sitting alone at home, prepping up for my exam- never ever worked for me!! I would end up watching TV and killing time! There was nothing wrong with the subjects I was studying or there was nothing wrong about my attitude for studying – It was just an INAPPROPRIATE STYLE of LEARNING!

I failed in one of my papers, and then I decided I’m not gonna study at home. Me n my 2 friends – we would sit on one of the benches in our college garden, and we would be studying!! Sometimes, reading stuff to ourselves, sometimes sitting on the lawn and figuring out Math problems or sometimes I would be sitting with them, explaining to them concepts..

So our prep leave was actually so much fun! We studied in a manner that left us feeling confident at the same time, a feeling that we had fun as a trio- together!!

Looking back, I now realize, I am a learner in an Activist style of learning which means that I learn faster on the job! And if learning and fun is clubbed together, I learn much much faster!

If I’m given stuff to read by myself, I don’t even touch it! But ask me to do it, and I’l slowly figure out with time, how to do it best! That’s how I learned Coaching – by coaching my peers here at ICA! That’s how I picked up ‘telugu’ language, by watching telugu movies and listening to telugu music. That’s also how I learned how to blog!! By blogging, blogging and blogging more:)

You know, there are so many learning styles! Also there’s this interesting multiple intelligence theory by Howard Gardener. This theory explains why I learn a language when I listen to songs πŸ™‚ There’s this musical intelligence, which allows me to remember lyrics of songs!! When I read something in a rhythm, I remember it better.. See, my love for rhythm also contributes to my learning πŸ™‚

All this is so interesting!! Have you ever thought about how do you learn? What’s your learning style?

If you liked this post, you may feel free to let me know more about your learning style.. Would absolutely love that:)

signing off!



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