Self Management!! I get it but what should I really manage??

Don’t we all agree, that we could do better with some SELF MANAGEMENT?? We are completely sold out to the idea of “Self Management” but have we ever wondered ‘WHAT’ do we wanna manage about ourselves?

“Everything’s wrong with me!! I can’t get up on time, I can’t manage my work, I can’t be fit, Oh, I’m such a jerk!!” Are you getting similar responses when you ask yourself this question of ‘What do you wanna manage about yourself?’

So lets look at this! First I guess we’ve to start loving ourselves & like that one person we see in the mirror!

Just yesterday I was thinking about, what do I  look at, when I look in the mirror? And pop came the answer, “How fat do I look? How my dark circles are getting darker? How patchy my skin looks?”

And I felt really sorry, just being mindful that I don’t like myself when I look in the mirror! So I decided to manage how I feel about my self, starting with loving myself for whoever I am! Acknowledging all my strengths, feeling gr8 about all those things that I do really well:) and loving that Super Beautiful person whom I see in the mirror!!

Okay, so being in a place where we feel totally comfy of who we really are, loving ourselves a lot- could be the starting point. What should we manage now?

Manage our mind? Manage our emotions?

Can managing our mind, start from watching what we think or simply observing how our mind creates so many cobwebs around us, without our knowledge or attention? And aren’t these cobwebs responsible for triggering our emotions?

Simple example – The other day, I tried making idlis and they really flopped! I felt so sad and low, that I decided to never make them again..

The cobweb my mind created – The idlis aren’t flop, you are flop! The idlis flopped cuz you din’t make them well! You are responsible for the flop idlis cuz you can’t do a single thing well..

And see this triggered my emotions!! I cried seeing the flat and sticky idlis!!

Instead of working it out by finding what went wrong with my process of making idlis, I goofed it up big time by being unable to manage my mind n my emotions..

Once they’re in control, I can manage my self- expectations and manage my goals to achieve what I really choose to achieve in life.. And that’s when I can say ‘I manage myself really well’ What you think? Makes any sense?

signing off with some food for thought here..



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