Random thoughts!! errr.. Questions ….

Written @ 9.36 pm on 9th October 2012

#1. Does my name impact my personality? (Shraddha = Faith in Sanskrit)

#2. Was I born to be a Coach?

#3. Everyone, who know me well- do they smile in their minds, when they think of me or do they frown cuz they dislike me?

#4.  What’s the real purpose, for which I am born? Am I living that purpose now?

#5.  If money does not motivate me at all, what does? Can I make money out of ‘what motivates me’ & give the money away?

#6. What do I want to change myself into, in order to be loved by all & in order to feel love for everyone in my heart?

#7. What do I wanna achieve before I hit the bucket?

#8. Am I egotistic ? Or am I acknowledging myself more than others?

#9. Will I ever feel confident to write a ‘BEST SELLER’?

#10. Will my children (in future, cuz right now I don’t have children) ever know that my sole purpose of life is to make them ‘Beautiful Individuals’ who contribute to society?

#11. Will I ever love myself as much as the almighty does or as much as my husband does?

#12. When will I let go?

#13. Will I ever be able to tell my family (other than my hubby, cuz I tell this to him always) , that they mean a lot to me & their support really keeps me going?

#14. How will I ever clear off all my debts, some known, some unknown?

#15. When will I be able to see a beautiful world, which sits n sleeps in peace, and shudders at the very mention of violence?

Wow!! these random thoughts have de stressed me completely..

I have a Supervised Coach session now, in which many people are going to hear me when I coach & I will be assessed today by a Master Coach !! Hope it goes well..

Signing off!


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