Exploring the explorer within :)

God bless the arrogant auto rickshaw guy, who was quite adamant about charging me a bomb for a super short distance. Thanks to his attitude, I decided to walk up some part of the distance, in spite of the scorching heat.

Actually the explorer in me,was jumping for joy, as I walked through a familiar road.

To give a backdrop, my sister in Pune stays near to the college where I had finished my post grad studies. Yesterday, I was at her place & today I had to catch a bus,back to Mumbai, where I stay. So I’d made my mind this morning,to simply get an auto rickshaw to reach the bus stop, cuz the heat was really ON!!!!

And I’ve mentioned the rest…

So passing through the road, that’s right in front of my ex- college, lol, I just observed how things have changed now. I had studied there almost 5 years back & now things are totally different. The road that was once, so narrow that at a time barely 2 cars could go simultaneously, had now more than doubled & there was a lot more choice of snacks & beverages in the form of diverse stalls, bang opposite to my college gate…

As I walked ahead, I observed a tree that had beautiful pink flowers..These flowers looked quite like a poor man’s orchid.

I felt so awesome simply observing that here I was, exploring a familiar road, as though I’ve never been here before. I noticed n took a second to observe my feet, that were getting tanned in the scorching heat. I observed my shadow on one of the rocks around a pool of water. Felt so beautiful 🙂

Was listening to a punjabi song & was observing the guitar strumming pattern!! Felt ecstatic 🙂 Immediately changed my status on Whatsapp to – Exploring the explorer within. Got into a non-A/C bus which was jampacked n had a special seat for me, the last row middle seat 🙂

Sharing the pics of the beautiful yet simple, experience that encouraged me to explore more n more with an increased sense of being mindful:)

Signing off – With gratitude in my heart 🙂



2 responses to “Exploring the explorer within :)

  1. As you notice your UBs and life’s conditioning rearing their heads and goading you to react, shift yourself in the moment to observe the learning in it for you….

    Good post!


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