Light at the end of the tunnel- A photo post!!

I’ve been really lucky to have bagged this golden opportunity of weekly visits to Pune!!

First n foremost, I get to visit my parents who stay with my 93 + years aged grandmom. The thought of my parent’s having only 2 daughters makes me feel lonely inside. Aging in this manner, carrying forward responsibilities of an old mother n staying alone (with neither me or my sis staying with them) seems like a horrible thing to me..

And so I’m lucky to have got this work assignment, which allows me to spend some time every week with my mom n dad πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

This weekly shuttle is very beautiful also cuz my work is extremely satisfying!! So much so that I feel energetic, no matter how early I’ve to get up n travel for almost 4 hours- one way…

The last but not the least is that it offers me PARTY TIME!! I get to party in solitude, with my fav music in my ears & endless beauty of nature to enjoy n capture with my iphone πŸ™‚

I’ve been exploring my click skills for the last few weeks & thought of posting them here!!

I loved the idea of capturing the light at the end of the tunnel & though this looks like just few pictures, theyre the few successful attempts out of so many! Lucky me, so many tunnels coming across every time I go to Pune & come back..

Presenting here, my fav ones: though they look like series of clicks, they’re of different tunnels, simply appearing like its a series of click.. Hope you enjoy them..

The beginning – I see some light!!

Yep: Some more light!!

Awesome one- Lotsa light!!

This is divinity presenting itself!! My fav pic!

The last one is my fave!! Isn’t this how it feels when we transition from dark space into light? Divine, isn’t it?

Signing off!

With loads of gratitude in my heart:)




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