Struggling to survive a dangerous tide called ‘Social Networking’!!!

I was born yesterday in the modern world of social networking!! I am yet to be re- born on the professional network, though seems like I’m kinda dead there..Not linked in yet 😉

But here I am, very much alive!! Rocking n ticking, loving every minute of my life, though there’s no one who says – ‘LIKE’ for that..

I don’t really love books & I hate to read faces, so dunno how I’m gonna fare getting along facebook..I’ve successfully stayed away from it since the time I’ve seen people swaying in this tide….so why did I give up yesterday?

Not cuz I can’t do without it, but cuz I wanna survive n still continue to keep up my spirits, without being hooked on to this whirlpool! Yup, I get to reconnect with so many people, meet the faces that got lost in my run for time n money. All those beautiful people, with whom loads of fun-time has been spent!!

So hmmm yes I’m kinda there, with lots of skepticism in my mind about my journey in this socially networked world, where dining in some cool place doesn’t go unnoticed, where connecting or reconnecting with new people can’t be missed by others, where everything that’s on one’s mind is out there on the status. And where the number of hits on ‘LIKE’ matter more than few words of actual voice chat..

Hmmm, I guess I’m not gonna be liked by others.. But who cares!!

I love myself enough – for me to stop caring about the number of followers my blog has, though I would like my voice to reach across the globe, irrespective of likes or dislikes..

My loved ones send me loads of love- in their thoughts, in their words & in their intentions.. Some just by me being in their presence..

I have tons of gratitude in my heart & loads of beauty within.

And I wanna thank all you beautiful people,those with whom I’ve connected, those with whom I’m yet to connect & those who I may never even know, in-spite of existing in the same beautiful world..

Keep spreading your beauty, cuz it does reach me & it does make this world a beautiful place..

Signing off!!

Shraddha (Still kinda struggling to survive after diving into this tide)



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