Have you ever sensed a severe Energy Drain?

A typical drain of energy, may be when you met someone or when you visited someone’s place ? Or may be soon after you entered into someone’s work space or may be during any meeting?

After you move away from the work space or you say goodbye to this person, you end up feeling really low and depressed (not the kind you feel when you’re in love ;)) and all attempts to pick up your energy seems in vain?

Have you experienced this ‘not so pleasant’ kind of energy drain?

I’ve experienced it so many times!! A severe energy drain after which I kinda feel depressed – unknowingly n unintentionally. Can’t pick myself up!

I used to wonder, why this happens!! And just few days back, I realized, I can very much, stop this energy drain!!

Wanna share with you, what worked for me:

~ Just reminding yourself, that your energy lies with you and no one can make you feel low- works wonders!! Just creating an awareness around your energy, seeing the energy surrounding you, helps!!

~ Sometimes, I’ve sensed a serious energy drain around certain kind of people who are needy! May be they need attention, may be they need a listening ear, may be they need a reason to smile – may be they just need some love!

Being empathetic towards these people, trying to understand their need -super helps!! When they need something, if they don’t get it, they may be pulling it out of our energy.. Just by being in their shoes and choosing to support them, ceases the energy drain..

Its like if someone steals from our wallet, we feel hurt! But if we knowingly give some money to someone, we don’t mind that -Right?

~ Sometimes, I find myself totally helpless when someone constantly keeps whining and complaining! I sense a serious energy drain. Previously, I thought that there’s a kind of incompleteness in this person’s life, that the person keeps projecting in the form of complaints / constantly highlighting some kind of lack..

May be all they need is some acknowledgement! Their due in the form of hugs, more love, more attention or just about asking them what they want, rather than waiting for them to ask for it..

Works like magic! Especially with senior citizens:) Its a treat to see that they do change cuz all they need is love and support!

Protect your energy by focusing on it!!

Don’t we all need love? However, one may say, they don’t, we all know- We need Love! And a starting point to receive love is when we start giving it to others! That’s how I’ve stopped my energy drain!

I may sound crazy here but its working!! I killed my fears by replacing them with love 🙂

Have you ever experienced an energy drain? how do you deal with it?

Let me know 🙂


2 responses to “Have you ever sensed a severe Energy Drain?

  1. I could write a book about energy drain…I faced it everyday in the corporate world. I can’t wait to explore more of your writings…I hope you will stop and see what I have been up to!

    Infinite gratitude,
    Gloria ~ The Grateful Diva

    • Hey there Gloria

      Its always a pleasure to drop by visitors.. n its a pleasure to know whats happening in your world..

      Surely c u soon.. Thanks for ur visit n comment..

      Infinite Gratitude

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