Are we fear loving people?

I just saw this Hindi movie OMG aka Oh My God, few hours back & one thought that’s stayed with me since then is- Why do we live in the world of fear???

You know what I mean? Forwarding junk chain mails, fearing something horrible is gonna happen to us if we don’t, believing in superstitions and fearing that if we don’t take necessary precautions, we are gonna get hit/ hurt/ killed.. blah blah blah

Visiting our places of worship with a thought that if we don’t, the almighty is gonna punish us to make us aware that we din’t remember him – LOL..

There was this statement made in the film by one of the characters – ‘These people are not god loving people, they are god fearing’ ..This statement so much resonated with me!

What’s our idea of the god we pray to? What’s our take on how our god will treat rather ill treat us if we don’t remember him or do stuff that pleases him/her ?

I used to be a very fear loving person!! I met my husband, and things are getting clearer and clearer, not to miss- more n more beautiful!! Now my thoughts about god are that he loves us all!! Whatever we do or not do, is for us to reap fruits of..If we sow good, we reap good!!

Yeah-  though I absolutely don’t believe that god is sitting there watching us so that he can punish us when the time comes, I do believe that if we remember him and pray for his grace, his grace does move us forward in our journey!!

He is all loving at all times! We can hate people who speak ill of us in front of us/ behind our back, and wish unwell for them (may be we do sometimes- out of anger or negative emotions) but God, can never do that!! That’s why he is god and not human.. He is full of love for each one of us, for each being, for nature, for all the beauty that exists..I guess everything is beautiful from the place he sees it.. I’m guessing so 🙂

And I’m sure each one of us can get to him, by loving all alike!! By chucking out all our fears and welcoming light into our life..

What you think about all of this? Does it resonate? or not really?

Hoping to hear from you!


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