Loads of Lightness in ‘Living in the NOW’!!!

I’m sitting in the a/c bus, looking out of the window, appreciating nature, listening to one of my fave track. And then suddenly waves of thoughts, drown me into an ocean!! Surprisingly, I don’t try to save myself, rather I enjoy being swayed into some time in the future or past. The jumps from past to future or from one situation to another are so quick that I completely forget about my fave track..

And then what?? I realize it, just when the song is about to end & then I play the track again.. And unbelievable!! The same waves take me in & the same foolishness & the same stuff all over again!!

Pause!!!! And Be Present!! Its worth it!!

Have you experienced this? Not remembering if you added sugar to your tea, not remembering where you kept the ticket, after collecting the change! Not remembering if you shampoo’d your hair or not!!!

Boss- This is no memory loss! Its just the waves of thoughts having their effect on us, each one of us! These thoughts, stop us from being present, stop us from living in the NOW!!

Being a Coach, its extremely essential for me, to get tuned into what my client is saying, suspending all sorts of judgement & actively listening!! So when I wear my Coach’s Hat, I see that I’m fully present to my client! All my thoughts are on ‘sleep’ mode.

What happens when I get off my Coach’s hat?? I’m a human being guys, and in-spite of knowing all these fundas, I get drowned into the thought- ocean..

Just today, in one of the general discussions at home, I caught myself getting drowned in the waves of thoughts!! I observed, that my thoughts were instantly interpreting what was being said, and they were generating one thought after the other -NON STOP. They were trying to create a sense of worry in me! ‘What’s gonna happen if…..???’

And instantly, I realized n protected myself from getting sucked in..All that I did, was stopped giving meaning to what was being said! Just watched the situation, simply heard what was being said! Din’t jump into, ‘Now what will I do?’ string of thoughts..

And you know how I felt- Absolutely LIGHT!! All I had to do, was listen- without any burden of thinking, agreeing, disagreeing.. Absolutely nothing!!!

No worries, no anger, no feelings at all!! Simply being alive- being in the present moment!! Tremendous Lightness!!

This exercise is worth the try! There are times when I still get sucked in to the ocean, yet this awareness of how light it is, to watch from the shore, the waves of thoughts, coming and going, is fun!!

I would encourage each and every one to try – simply observing the shops, the trees or whatever, that one sees,on one’s way to work! Consciously, making an effort to stay away from these thoughts, being fully present to just the moment!! It presents you with a beautiful lightness!!

Signing off with loads of gratitude!



2 responses to “Loads of Lightness in ‘Living in the NOW’!!!

  1. Ahh I loved this post, Faith 😉 it is so reassuring to read that there is no memory loss there is just a tonne of thoughts! At the moment I so so often find myself doing something silly. I have not quite put my keys in the fridge but I so see how people joke that they do! But it’s nice to be reassured that I’m not losing my marbles, it’s just too much going on in my brain! That’s for sure. Too many thoughts sweeping me into their ocean. But I agree, sometimes its really nice. But sometimes its just so much nicer to sweep yourself back into the moment, it’s just hard sometimes. So being in nature Or in public is easier to bring yourself to the moment because there is a lot going on, rather than being on your own at home or something.
    Tonnes of love. Thanks for a great post. Xx

    • Thanks so much Peace for your time & comments.
      I totally agree with you about the ‘keys in the fridge’ part,and though we r lucky to not have been there, at this pace, Im sure we’ll b there soon:)

      Even when we’re alone at home, simply observing how we breathe, helps us to get ourselves in the present!! Not really changing the pace of our breathing, but simply observing, is it slow or is it too fast and shallow? It really helps 🙂

      U made my day gal by commenting here:) Sending you loads of sunshine and love..


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