Be my guest : Revisit few of the most beautiful moments of your life!!

This experience is a rejuvenating one! To go back to those beautiful times, feeling the energy in those moments, re living them again & pouring the joy out of them back into our life!!

Wanna express huge gratitude for this amazing technology that allows me to share this stuff with you, allows me to bring you into a joyful circle filled with energy.

If you are with me here, reading this post, please feel free to sit comfortably in your chair, with both your feet grounded, hmmm touching the ground I meant. Simply observe your breath! Is it slow and full? Or is it shallow and too fast? If you wish to, you may simply take 3 deep breaths to bring your attention and awareness to this beautiful moment πŸ™‚

All you have to do now, is visit some of the most beautiful n fun moments of your childhood! And while you are experiencing all the joy, do pay attention to every detail that filled you with joy!! So be my guest, close your eyes & take off into the bliss!!

Fill yourselves with bliss & joy πŸ™‚

What do you see? What about those moments fills you with joy? Is it really joy or something else?

You know what comes to me? The fun time I had when I was 4 or 5 years old, running around Shivaji Park, getting trained for gymnastics πŸ™‚ Climbing one of the 10 feet poles, with no fear of height, feeling full of confidence, knowing that I’l be able to climb down just as easily as I climb up – No fear of ‘What If I fall?’- Wow!!!

I can’t believe sometimes that with age, I’ve become so timid and full of fear! Where did I lose all my confidence? Where was that fearless Shraddha, who climbed that pole simply for the fun of it! By revisiting this beautiful moment, I pour back into my life- the fearlessness, the confidence, the fun loving-ness !!

Wow!! This is too beautiful πŸ™‚ And you know what? We can bring this energy back into our life, when ever we choose to! Just close your eyes, and revisit the beauty & bliss! Its all yours! It always was..

We were just too busy getting somewhere else..No harm.. We still have time πŸ™‚ Every minute of our life is worth all the joy and bliss in this world- If only we let it be:)

Signing off with infinite gratitude:)



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