Fairness creams,cosmetics & hypocrites!!

The cosmetic industry seems to be based on a foundation of ‘One can look beautiful’..

Does it mean- One’s not already beautiful? They don’t say so yet they want us to buy stuff that claims to make us feel good about ourselves..Why?

Cuz- WE DON’T FEEL GOOD about ourselves!!!

 Whether its fairness creams, weight loss products, hair treatments, dental arrangements or nose jobs or any such body jobs…..they all shout loudly ‘You’re not good as you are.. You need something more’. In case of weight loss- ‘You need to shed more’

Am not at all against the cosmetic industry or weight loss or other products available. What really makes me wonder is that, why can’t we love ourselves the way we are?

And aren’t we such big fat hypocrites? We hate to accept ourselves the way we exist, yet expect the entire world to approve of us, love us, appreciate us and praise us…

Are we never good enough for ourselves to like us first? Why do we love more n more  ‘LIKE’ hits by others?

I remember, few days before my sis’s wedding, the lady who bleached my face, did it so horribly that she burnt my skin so bad, that I had a bad burn mark just above my lip..

According to me, it was really bad (I was just 22 then and it mattered a lot to me- A LOT!!!) and so taking suggestions and advice from others I used a concealer that day! I used it so much, that the concealer was visible ( πŸ™‚ )& in the end I did manage to ruin my look for that day πŸ™‚ Lol..

From the 22 year old hypocrite, I’ve managed to come so far to write this post cuz it really doesn’t matter what others think…What matters is what we think of oneself!!

Looking at all those ads that occupy more space than news in a local daily, I really wonder about the number of people around me, who think they are not good enough!! And that’s exactly why I’m writing this today.

Hope it gets you thinking too πŸ™‚


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