No words at all!! Lee Jeffries n Hunter look, hats off to you – You guys fill my heart with gratitude..

Hunter Look


Once upon a time a boy Lee Jeffries was taking sport photos. After regular working day he was on the way home. By chance he saw a young girl  huddled  in a sleeping bag on the street and start to take a photos. She notice him and the first reaction of Lee was to run away. But something made him to stay and talk with her. After this he completely changed. The homeless people become his subject of art. The models in his photographs are people that he has met in  Europe and in the United States.  Jeffries’ makes an effort to get to know each of  the them before asking permission to take their portrait.

That is why his works are so emotional and we can catch a bit of the each of person’s story in the eyes, pose, mimicry. His work not a “Happy end stories”… his portraits…

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