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Tapas must be the Spanish equivalent of a South African ‘braai’ (or barbeque for those not familiar with the term). Even if you only spend a few hours in Barcelona you are bound to at some point stuff some tapas down your throat… A vast array of little tasty buffet treats; gourmet sarmies, pastries, pies – basically the type of snacks you will find at a cocktail party, but much much tastier.

All Adelante candidates in Barcelona (even scholarship winners) spend their first two weeks at Kingsbrook Language school before kicking off their 3 month internship. Apart from cramming as much Spanish into your brain in that short time, the school also endeavours to expose their students to as much of Barcelona’s culture as possible, organising as many outings as possible. What is REALLY awesome about this policy is that even if, like myself, you aren’t a student at Kingsbrook anymore…

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