New year Resolutions – What to do with them???

With the new year approaching, I know all of us are gonna have our new year resolutions jumping up n down in our head.

Let me share what I am gonna do with these so called ‘New Year Resolutions’-

1. Dump them – cuz if theyre really important for me, I won’t have to stick them around me as a self reminder.

2. Dump them hard- cuz if they’re the ones which kinda make me feel bad about myself (like I don’t get up early or I don’t manage things well or I am getting fatter), am gonna dump them much harder by loving myself first!!

No ifs n buts..I am Beautiful & I love myself for that!! I am beautiful the way I am! period!!! 

3. Change them – Sometimes I fail to acknowledge myself for everything Im doing well.I focus on my ‘to do list’ and beat myself later for being unable to do them than appreciate myself.

So I’m gonna change them and put all those things up there, that I love doing!! Its a boost for me to continue doing stuff I love 🙂

Ooooh -quite a looooong list

Ooooh -quite a looooong list

And why do we make such a big deal of a new year?

If there’s something that I wanna do today, I don’t need to wait for a new year to come thru!! If I’m parking stuff for new year it just means, I’m putting them off!! If I’m putting them off means they’re not really the ones that matter..

So no new year resolutions = I am stagnating? No way!! I have taken so many life changing decisions through the year!!
So no new year resolutions for me!! Yeah- I’d rather have a gratitude list that highlights and magnifies all that went well for me..

What do you think? What are you gonna do with your new year resolutions?

Not necessary that we all think alike so please lemme know what is your plan of action regarding your New Year resolutions 🙂



Have a happy new year people 🙂


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