Art of a celebrity, Heart full of simplicity- Passion Speak with Saulat Zuberi!

An artist,An Engineer, more to come...!! That's Saulat

What you’d really wanna know about this super awesome Wedding Photographer is – whether or not he is free on the most important day of your life- Your wedding!! Feel free to visit Saulat’s Click for checking out his work and for contacting him!!

What a story unfolds- in just one still??

What a story unfolds- in just one still??

Contrasting moods- Amazing click!!

Contrasting moods- Amazing click!!

The bride's excited and eager:)

The bride’s various moods 🙂

Saulat's click- Weddings rock!!

A chapter unfolds -underwater:)

A chapter unfolds -underwater:)

Like Saulat calls it- a clip from a movie :)

Like Saulat calls it- a clip from a movie 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the visual treat 🙂 If you want more, feel free to click on Saulat’s click!!

Impressed- Aren’t you!! That’s why here’s presenting the February issue of Passion Speak- a heart to heart with a visionary who is living a life of complete alignment! Left me awestruck- Super optimistic & simple, ‘the Saulat Zuberi’  for all of you to know more- Here you go!!

# Saulat, after reading your story I am curious to know- why wedding photography?

Shraddha- I’ve always been a People Photographer!

People usually consider nature as a very beautiful subject for photography. To me- a human being is the most beautiful creation of god. Human beings have a lot of expressive power & to capture that, through my lens is something I really love to do.

# So what about the Engineer in you?

I have always been very curious about machines. As a kid, I was always opening them up to see what’s inside.My curiosity and love for machines is why I opted to be a Computer Engineer. I finished engineering in 1999 & then moved to the US in 2000. Thanks to my work, I could travel and explore so many cultures & countries. The count is about 25 countries visited so far..

# OMG – This sounds amazing! Now I’m confused! If you were happy with your work, why & when- Wedding Photography happened?

I started Wedding Photography- as a professional in 2011.

# Sorry 2 interrupt! I can’t believe this! Less than 2 years in the wedding circuit, and you have made a reputation!!

I still work in the Semi-Conductor Industry! I love the wedding assignments too & am looking forward to making space for my 3rd passion -Cooking! I am looking forward to create a Restaurant serving a different cuisine.

# Awesome Saulat!!!! Tell me more about weddings n photography..

(Smiles :))I’ve always loved photography. I started experimenting in 2000. Started reading books, joining forums, learning the technicalities of photography. With so much knowledge being abundantly available now a days,what one needs to cultivate is the passion to grab that knowledge & practice applying it! Start with an idea and then think of how you can execute it with the technicalities. The third angle -business angle is also important. How do you go about selling that idea.

# Are you kidding me Saulat? So you’re a self made photographer? You haven’t received any professional training or anything of that sort!

No- I’ve learnt along my way. My passion to capture moods, emotions, expressions -has all lead to this. My camera used to be specially invited for functions/ occasions.So my friends would invite me for the party and say, ‘Please also carry your camera along’. So I’ve been into photography since 2000. In 2011- I attended the marriage of my friend’s sister, in Shimla. I clicked the pictures from a professional angle. So this wasn’t an assignment, but I treated it as one. And on sharing the pics on fb- I got a tremendous response & people wanted me at their weddings.

# Wow!! So a hobby converted into business! sounds amazing!!

If I treated it like a hobby, the investments I made wouldn’t have been justified. I can’t spend 20 lacs on a hobby, Can I?  If I had to justify the expenditure, it was natural for me to treat it like a profession. And as a professional I totally love seeing happiness on the faces of people I capture when they see their photos. Gives me immense satisfaction. I also completely enjoy meeting new people, getting to know them, exploring different kind of food at the weddings, travelling to locations- I love everything associated with it.

# What’s your Business Strategy- If I may ask you 🙂

Keep it Low, give your 100%, be more creative!!

If I treat wedding photography as the only means of my bread n butter, then I may end up doing too many back to back assignments, which in turn badly impacts my creativity. I always choose my assignments as its very important to be selective. I like to have only 20 assignments in a year but I end up with doing 30, which is still okay.

I don’t like it when people share with me, “Saulat- I am so busy these days that I sleep for only 3 hours a day”. To me, being so occupied with no time for enough rest- seems inappropriate. How can I think & be creative if I’m not even resting well.

When I take an assignment, I don’t just call the couple at some location and go around clicking them.

I spend time knowing them, allowing them to be more comfortable with me. If I have to capture their expression n emotions, they have to feel free to express them too. I usually plan few months before the wedding. It’s a very focused approach.

To capture a couple in their natural elements, you got to be the friend who makes sure he’s invisible while shooting! Loadsa hard work, patience and skill, making use of the best possible light n composition

And its not over after the click. I have a vision in my mind, when I picture the frame, the props, the pose. That vision is converted into the end result only when I process the pictures. And I have to be able to satisfy myself, cuz my clients always seem to be happy with the end result. I know what I can do best, and I’m always trying to get there, and raise the bar..That’s why I say-Give it your 100%. Serve a well cooked meal for your client. It better be that way!!

Keeping it low ensures you your creativity & the well cooked meal :)!!

# Am wondering,what’s it that keeps you going Saulat?

I love to add something unique to my work every time  This keeps me ticking cuz every wedding is different & I can capture the same subject so differently. This allows me to explore my creativity.

I love to take inspiration from simply observing around.I’m not worried about copying!! If anyone copies my work- I’m not scared! What scares me is the inspiration! What if my work inspires someone to execute something even better than what I did.That’s why I am always aspiring to be better than before..

Also, I earn new friends! With every assignment, I reach out to many more people. I love the travel, the food. Also what I really love, is the smile on my friends’ face post the click! That all makes it worthwhile 🙂

# Can you share with all of us, any lows of your life? The trying times or anything of that sort?? 

The low that I regularly face is – I feel I’m not good!!

I look at my clicks, and inspite of the fact that the couple loves all my work, I still feel, I could have done better. This leaves me always aspiring for the best. I believe that if you ever get over-confident, you will stop.

Other than this low, I don’t have any! I’ve always been lucky! I wanted to be a Computer Engineer, I got there. I always wanted to travel across the globe- I went to the US, then to Europe then to so many other countries..

I’ve learnt a lot from all the various cultures I’ve visited.

# You call it Luck, I call it “Knowing what you want & being optimistic about the results”- what say?

Yeah- you could call it optimism, confidence!!

# Were there any speed breaker’s when you thought of entering the wedding circuit as a photographer?

The society always limits you cuz they like to create stereotypes. You must know what you want.

The elders in my family still don’t introduce me to others as a wedding photographer cuz in Uttar Pradesh, where my parents live, wedding photography isn’t a skill. It’s something an uneducated fellow does to earn his bread. So everyone back home prefer to introduce me as an engineer but not someone who goes to weddings to click photos.

But I always knew what I wanted & my wife’s been my greatest inspiration! She motivates me a lot. And I see myself clicking her most of the time (and now also my kid), be it a casual shot or experimental. 🙂

You should do what you love to do, cuz you can only be successful by doing what you’re good at doing! You can be good at what you’re doing only when you do what you love to do!!

So follow what you love, develop your skills along the way & don’t forget to have a business plan!

Don’t keep any space for regret, cuz if it doesn’t work, you can always go to your old plan. I had my engineering to fall back on in case I din’t enjoy this. But there’s been no looking back since 2011..

# What do you have to say about today’s candid wedding photography prevailing in India?

Its good to see so many contemporary and candid wedding photographers out there now following their hobby. Some full time , some on the weekends. In general for photography its good to present a modern & candid approach of wedding photography to people in India where previously wedding photography was just about stage posed photographs of guests with bride & groom. But I also feel sad to see lot of so-called hobby photographers jumping into this for quick money. The photos are bad, there is no thought process regarding the composition & subjects are often dark with no lighting part been worked upon. It’s not that as long as people don’t look at camera, its contemporary candid photography. A full thought process has to be worked upon the composition & lighting – the two most important aspects of a picture.

Also, pictures which are delivered to clients are not color corrected, often cross-processed to get that instagram feel and that green / pink color skin-tone. Instagram may be “IN’ in today’s time but that’s for fun. As a professional, you always have to deliver color-corrected images. You don’t know what fashion it will be 10 years down the road. As a bride, you don’t want to see yourself in green skin tone 10 years down the road. The more sad part is, those bad photos are liked by people as they haven’t seen the color-corrected images. I sincerely hope this improves soon and I wish to see more professionals than quick money makers.

# Any message you would like to leave with?

I wanna go to every possible extent in my limit to make my client happy cuz serving a half cooked meal is not acceptable for me. I’d rather not serve! 

So what matters to you- You’ve got to think about it, work for it! You have to fight for it!!

You can always do something about a problem.. Solutions won’t come to you cuz solutions don’t present themselves. You have to find a solution..

Signing off, when I say- ‘I wish you were there at my wedding!!’  he says, ‘You don’t need a wedding for a photoshoot..We can have a photo shoot even after the wedding!! We’ll have a photo shoot’ And am smiling away to glory 🙂 🙂 🙂

Catch Saulat Zuberi on fb or catch glimpses of his work here 🙂


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